Purple Weed: Almost everything You need To know

Purple weed seems to become the holy grail that every person is searching for nowadays. And they’re doing all types of crazy points to acquire it. But is there genuinely any further advantage to the purple hue, or is it all just bunk? And is it even possible to make the coveted purple color by giving the plant one thing additional, taking one thing away, or tweaking the circumstances in which the weed is grown? Get extra facts about weed with purple flowers

We’ll answer these queries, and more, within the following article.

Myths About Purple Weed

Myths about purple weed abound. The majority of these myths revolve around how the renowned purple hue is achieved when developing marijuana. One of the most widespread myths include things like:

Oxygen deprivation

Carbon dioxide deprivation

Nitrogen overload

Altering the light cycle

Changing the growing medium

Varying the level of water

Let’s look at each one in turn.

Oxygen Deprivation

Certain you could turn blue should you held your breath as well lengthy, but that very same idea doesn’t apply to marijuana plants. The myth that depriving your marijuana of oxygen turns it purple is patently false. Marijuana, like all living issues, requirements oxygen to grow. Restricting that oxygen in some way will only stunt the plant’s development, not make it transform color.

Carbon Dioxide Deprivation

Like oxygen, carbon dioxide is required for the healthy growth of most plants. A marijuana plant that is definitely deprived of carbon dioxide will not develop correctly. Carbon dioxide deprivation of marijuana is only a recipe for unhealthy weed, not for turning it purple marijuana plant which is deprived of carbon dioxide won’t create appropriately. Carbon dioxide deprivation of marijuana is only a recipe for unhealthy weed, not for turning it purple.

And really that’s just common sense. Depriving a plant (or any living thing) with the vital components it demands to grow will only make it unhealthy.

Nitrogen Overload

Although it may sound counterintuitive, a lot more is not normally much better. Plants want nitrogen to develop, but too much nitrogen can burn the plant and make it sick. Far from turning the plant purple, too much nitrogen will turn a marijuana plant brown. Certainly not what you’re looking for.

Altering The Light Cycle

This one doesn’t work to turn your marijuana purple either. Plants have to have a particular volume of light daily to stay healthy. When you mess with that process, you are just going to get unhealthy plants, not purple ones.

Changing The Expanding Medium

Nope, not going to create your marijuana purple. Plants make use of the nutrients inside the soil to develop but altering the composition or quantity of those nutrients isn’t going to result in purple weed.

Varying The Level of Water

Again, no. Plants are accustomed to varying amounts of water. They will get what they need to have in the soil and in the air about them if none is offered straight. Some plants can go days and even weeks without having direct watering. Marijuana is no unique. Grown in the wild, marijuana contends with varying amounts of water every day and does not turn purple. No, varying the quantity of water isn’t going to somehow miraculously lead to purple buds.

As you’ll be able to in all probability surmise from the sections above, too much or too little of an vital ingredient is not going to lead to the elusive purple buds. It’s only going to make your marijuana unhappy and unhealthy.

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