Put a Spring in Your Step with These Spring and Summer Footwear Essentials

After enduring a long and cold winter (depending on where you call home), the warmer temperatures, green leaves, and longer days are a welcome sign that spring is here. As the weather signals the changing of the seasons with thoughts of late nights spent exploring and spring adventures around the corner, it might be time to add some new kicks to your collection.

Here are a few versatile footwear essentials you should consider adding to your wardrobe to stay cool, comfortable, and stylish through spring and summer (and beyond).

Low Tops

With the warmer temps approaching you’re probably breaking out your shorts from their winter hibernation. Just as your pants are getting shorter so you have more flexibility and can move more freely for adventures, it’s a time to consider bringing out the low tops.

While high tops have their place in every man or woman’s collection, and can certainly be worn year-round, they’re more conducive to the cold temps than low tops. So, for the summer, invest in a quality pair of low top sneakers. You can find low tops in a variety of styles and materials, so shop around to find a pair that feels comfortable for all-day and all-night wear.

White Leather Shoes

With a good five months before Labor Day, wear as much white as you want with footwear to complete the look. But in all seriousness, a pair of premium white leather sneakers are a classic footwear staple you can wear throughout the year. White sneakers leather look great with a variety of different outfits and could be the most versatile footwear in your collection.

However, not all leather sneakers are created equal, so if you want your shoes to last not only this spring but also many springs into the future, invest in a quality pair made with authentic Italian leather. Make sure to care for them and condition the leather as needed.

Perforated Leather Sneakers

Depending on where you live, temps could get well into the 90s before June, and after that, there’s no telling how hot it can get. As your shoes provide not only a fashion but also a utility purpose, you want a pair that won’t hold you back or cramp your comfort on your after-work adventures this spring.

Lightweight sneakers are a must to keep your cool this spring as you stroll the streets in search of the next adventure. You’ll find that many of the more fashionable styles are highly versatile and office-friendly when paired with the right outfit. Look for ones with perforated uppers that stimulate airflow, so you stay cool and quick on your feet.

Versatile Designer Sneakers

Finally, no matter what season it is, every person should have at least one pair of designer sneakers in their collection. There’s just a different quality and aesthetic that luxury shoes provide. From the craftsmanship you can feel in every step to the luxury aesthetic bound to turn heads, use spring as a reason to invest in your style with either your first or a new pair of designer sneakers.

When you choose shoes with quality craftsmanship from the heart of Italy’s design region, such as KOIO’s luxury sneakers, you can rest assured you’re putting your best foot forward with a pair of effortlessly versatile designer footwear.

About KOIO

KOIO is taking luxury sneakers back to their roots with a premium selection of footwear including white leather sneakers handmade in Le Marche, Italy. KOIO was founded in 2014 by two passionate sneaker heads who wanted to create shoes that dared to defy with a mix of European luxury sensibility and American ambition. They work with experienced craftspeople who have decades of experience making the finest lasts and footwear in Italy. From the design phase through last making, leather cutting, assembling, and packaging, every pair of KOIO shoes is touched by human hands to produce premium, comfortable, luxury footwear like no other.

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