Python Full Stack: Expectation vs. Reality

“I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer, should learn a computer language, because it teaches you how to think.”

– Steve Jobs (Co-founder & Former CEO of Apple)

Today, the internet has become a part of everybody’s life. It has almost become necessary for at least one-third of the world’s population; therefore, learning a programming language has become essential. Now even schools are stressing upon teachers and students to learn programming languages and everything related to the internet and computers. The world is rapidly moving towards digitization, and understanding software and how the software works is becoming more and more important.

In the IT industry, a full-stack developer is the most important person. A full-stack developer is expected to be trained in all web development technologies. Often, a full-stack developer may not be fully trained in all the technologies; however, they contribute significantly to all the layers of web development. Therefore, having a full stack developer in the team is highly essential.

One of the back-end technologies used for web development is Python. It is a programming language required to build websites, software, automate tasks and conduct data analysis. It is a widely used, popular programming language. But, before understanding what Python Full Stack means, one must understand what does Full-stack means. A full-stack is a skill set of technologies that work together for web development.

A Full Stack Developer is someone who is an expert in both front-end development and back-end development. The work of a Full Stack developer is to create websites that will have efficient functionality and will be of practical use. The developer first jots down codes that will be the website’s designs the database and then manages the server. Writing the codes aids the front-end work for which the developer must be equipped with the programming languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The back-end programming languages like Python, PHP or ASP aids the designing of the complete project. Python is a popular programming language, and it is used for web development, software development, system scripting and mathematics. Few more uses of Python are as follows:

  • It is used to create workflows.
  • It is used to create web applications.
  • It is used to connect to database systems- read and modify files.
  • It is used for rapid prototyping and production-ready software development.
  • It is used to handle big data and perform complex mathematics.

Python full stack course in Bangalore

Python is a versatile programming language and works on different platforms such as Windows, Mac, Raspberry, etc. It has a simple syntax similar to the English language; hence it is easy. The syntax allows developers to write programs briefly compared to other programming languages that require comprehensive lines. Python runs on an interpreter system; therefore, prototyping is quicker, and it also follows a procedural, object-oriented, functional approach. Python has designed for readability. It uses new lines to complete a command compared to the other programming languages that often use semicolons or parentheses. Python relies on indentation, usage of white-space to define the scope of loops, functions, and classes whereas, the other programming languages often use curly brackets.

So, the question arises should one learn python first or any other programming language? The answer to this question would be that as Python is an easy language, it is brief and close to English so, one can learn Python easily; however, it depends on the learner’s personal and professional goals. The expectation regarding Python could be that it is an easy language but, all programming languages, for that matter, require time and effort to learn. It also depends upon the learner’s interest and ability to grasp the knowledge but, Python follows a procedural way and runs on an interpreter system; therefore, it is quite easy to learn Python compared to other languages. Often, one expects to know many things on their own. However, one may try to learn Python through online sources, but having someone teach and a group to study works best for learning programming languages.

Today, to learn any programming language, a learner can easily go to any training institute to learn Python full-stack. In Bangalore, many training institutes provide course syllabus of Python, Pentagon space in Bangalore is one such institute that is considered to be the best training institute across the country because here, the focus is on all aspects of Full Stack development. Learning front-end, back-end, and database layers all are comprehensively focused and given importance. The learners gain an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of software development, Python full-stack, cloud computing, cyber security, artificial intelligence, big data, testing, and automation. Pentagon space is a place for all the requirements of the web development world. It is one place for all. Hence, Pentagon space is the best training and finishing institute in Bangalore.

If one needs to make the expectation of Python a reality, then Pentagon space is the institute to go to because it will bridge all the gaps and provide in-depth knowledge and guidance in Full Stack development.

As Python is the best and easy language to learn to program, with the help of pentagon space, it will become a piece of cake.

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