Qualcomm Quick Charge 5: A Game Changer

Gone are the days when we used to plug in the chargers while going to sleep and set the device to charge overnight. There have been many frontrunners in the race to be the fastest charging smartphone technology in the world. The quick charge technologies are often brand proprietary.

The smartphone-chip maker Qualcomm has recently announced its upcoming Quick Charge 5 technology that can charge the smartphone astonishingly fast. It features speed like never before and is set to become a new milestone in smartphone charging tech. Qualcomm’s fast charging technology has been an underrated feature. People only talk about the processing speeds, the GPU, and the camera capabilities, but we often fail to appreciate the work that has been done to allow quick charge in these smartphone-chips.

In this world of chaos where everyone is occupied with different things, we don’t always have enough time to sit back and wait for hours for our smartphone to get charged. But the newest development from the company for quicker smartphone charging has not failed to excite us.

Here comes the latest release from Qualcomm, the new tech goes by the name “Quick Charge 5”. A post on the official website of Qualcomm teased about what the new technology is capable of doing. It features the ability to receive charging at lightning speed of 100W or more. It will not lose out on having compatibility for older versions of USB charging and earlier Quick Charge variants.

Features of the New Quick Charge 5

The new game-changing technology will be based on an entirely different power delivery system that’ll be compatible with Qualcomm’s latest chipset. Future gen smartphone makers are all set to launch new chargers with the ability to deliver power at around 100W. They’ll be using Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 5 technology in their chipset to contain such immense power.

Qualcomm made a bold claim regarding its new technology that it’ll take just 5 minutes for a 4,500mAh battery to charge up to 50%. It also stated that the total charge time would be somewhat around 15 minutes. This brings joy to the faces of those waiting for an on-the-go solution for charging their smartphones.

What to Expect?

Qualcomm’s video teaser provided a glimpse into the future of its smartphone charging technology, making us all excited. Qualcomm dominates the game when it comes to the Power Delivery and Fast Charging technology in today’s smartphones.

The recent updates from Qualcomm hint that it’ll be launched very soon. Xiaomi is expected to launch the first smartphone that uses Quick Charge 5. We may see several other companies jumping in to grab this tech by the end of 2020.

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