Qualcomm’s Latest Chips Could Make Noise Cancellation Standard on New Wireless Earbuds

Qualcomm will soon launch a new chip of Bluetooth for wireless earbuds, and the chips will be known as QCC304xSoCs and QCC514x. Both of these chipsets will be compatible with the technology of True Wireless Mirroring. The chips are developed through a new advanced technology that will provide the feature of Noise Cancelation.

The technology of True Wireless Mirroring of Qualcomm will support a connection from a phone by only one earbud. Then, the connection will be mirrored to another earbud through the subsequent earbud. The process makes the working of earbuds fast whilealso improving the synchronization technology. In case the users take out the single earbud, then the connection will also be sent by the system to other earbuds also. The technology also ensures that the phone system shows up only one connection instead of two, like in the previous generation earbuds.

The most advanced feature in Qualcomm’s new chipset is Hybrid ANC that will provide the noise cancelation feature. The chipset will allow any earbud to execute the noise cancelation feature. Although several cheaper earbuds still provide the technology of noise-cancellation in this reference to context, Qualcomm says that their new chipset provides the most advanced noise cancelation feature and much-improved battery life. Alongside in their statement, they added that the subsequent chipset is one of the most advanced chipsets ever built, and it will provide great efficiency to wireless Bluetooth technology.

They also clearly manifest everyone about the difference between their two chipsets. QCC304x SoCs are built especially to execute voice aid integration, whereas the QCC514x will provide a full-time aid of voice integration in devices such as Amazon Echo Buds or Apple AirPods. QCC304x SoCs only handles the voice aid through a button, which means that the users need to tap the voice button to get the aid of their device. Whereas the other one will work automatically, and the users just need to say Hey Bluetooth, and their command will be accepted.

Although, the initiative of Qualcomm is a great one for the middle and entry segment earbuds or headphones as these features are available inexpensive devices such as Apple Air Pods. Now, Qualcomm has announced this new chipset for entry-level devices. Thus the proclamation will definitely be going to create a business conflict.

However, the arrival of new gadgets and devices are quite common in the business world. But the initiative of releasing an advanced technology at low prices will definitely not going to be accepted by everyone. Thus, big ventures such as Apple and Sony will soon bring something new and expensive soon to challenge Qualcomm’s innovation. Till then, we all need to wait and see on which devices the chipset of Qualcomm’s get collaborate too, and when they will arrive.


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