Qualities Event Organizers Seek in A Conference Speakers

Nothing brings more joy to an event organizer than the end of a successful event. Giving your best in an event, and having positive results is one of the most fulfilling things for you as an event planner. But you agree that one of the biggest challenges in event planning is a compelling speaker’s choice. Your event’s success and reputation as an organizer can be dented by the person you choose as the day’s speaker. Therefore, it helps when you have a list of qualities to look out for in your search for a good speaker. This article will provide just that.

  1. Confidence

An effective conference speaker is one who believes in themselves and in their ability to deliver. A compelling speaker should be fearless and not easily intimidated by the number of people in the crowd or even their status in society. An audience detects a person who is not so sure about themselves instantly, and they lose interest immediately. Everything that comes from an unconfident speaker’s mouth will be dismissed.

  1. Expertise

Be on the lookout for someone who is well informed and has a good mastery of content on the topic they are supposed to discuss. For instance, you may find that some audience members are conversant with the topic a speaker is talking about and may even challenge the speaker. So, if the speaker lacks enough knowledge and experience in the subject, they will lack credibility and struggle to answer the questions thrown their way. There is no telling that the entire speech will be a joke as the audience will have lost confidence in the speaker.

  1. Relevance

Choose a conference speaker whose area of expertise is relevant to the audience. You cannot ask an automotive expert to speak in a parenting event. Although what they will talk about is accurate and beneficial, it may not make relevance and sense to the audience.

  1. Engagement

One of the excellent qualities of a conference speaker is the ability to engage the audience. A speaker should keep the audience interested in whatever they are saying and keep the entire session as lively as possible. Maintaining audience attention should be a priority for any conference speaker. Nobody wants to listen to a boring speaker. A speaker who makes the session to be audience-centered is a gem for an event.

  1. Time Management

As an event organizer, time management is crucial. Look for a speaker who knows how to manage the time allocated virtually as much as the session is lively and all; a speaker should not go past the time given and should not be so brief. Take an instance where you’ve allocated your speaker for a one-hour session for the day, and then they spend 20 minutes. See, this will mess up your entire program.

Your event’s success as an organizer and your reputation as a brand should be your top priority, and the choice of a quality speaker goes a long way in achieving this goal.

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