Quality Inspection Equipment for Coating And Paint Industry

The majority of quality checks follow a protocol that involves multiple phases. When an evaluation goes bad, it’s either the measures weren’t precise or the tester didn’t follow the instruction. In order to achieve the best results, you need quality inspection equipment. Here are some of the best equipment ideas you can follow for the paint and coatings industry.

Digital Micro Vickers Hardness Tester LHVS-1000Z, 

Abrasion resistance testing instrument that uses brushes that slip over the surface of the material specimen, simulating everyday wear. This device is used to examine the abrasion resistance produced by a cleaner, brush, or other methods on the composite surface. The wet abrasion scrub tester can cause testable impact, and it can also simulate daily use by using various models of brushes under controlled conditions. A scrub abrasion and washability tester lets the most versatile application of the various scrub, corrosion, and washability measures. The base structure must first be chosen from two styles.

An automated coating thickness gauge may be used to measure the thickness on magnetic steel surfaces as well as non-magnetic metal surfaces like stainless steel or aluminium. For non-magnetic coatings on magnetic substances like steel, electromagnetic induction is used. For non-conductive coatings on non-ferrous metal surfaces, the eddy current concept is used. The depth of a highly acceptable is determined by measuring the film thickness. The amount of material used to achieve a certain coating thickness that provides the best security against degradation, wear, and oxidation must be determined.

A Vickers indenter and a full variety of test loads are included with the microhardness tester. On the measuring microscope, up to three of the improved long working distance targets can be placed, and an easy-to-read dual-line optical filar eyepiece is included for short and accurate indentation measurement. The hardness rating, as well as the test location results, are conveniently displayed on the touch screen LCD panel through the Digimatic micrometer heads. Data processing features such as hardness scale conversions, mathematical measurements, and OK/NG determinations are also used in the digital micro Vickers hardness testing system. Micro-hardness tester devices for Knoop and Vickers have a compact and dependable approach for precise micro-hardness testing, which can be used for quality management and metallurgical analysis.

The Rockwell scale is a hardness scale dependent on a material’s indentation hardness. The Rockwell measure compares the penetration depth of a test specimen under a substantial load to the penetration depth created by a preload to measure hardness. The best GR&R performance is achieved by Rockwell hardness testers or paint meters, which attain the maximum degree of depth calculation precision and resolution possible. Digital Rockwell hardness testing system is available in a variety of sizes and capacities to fit a variety of sample sizes, as well as three distinct Rockwell standard, superficial, and twin hardness scales. The resistance of a material to norms established is known as its hardness. ASTM E-18 specifies current Rockwell Hardness test procedures, and anybody who wishes to run a Rockwell Hardness test can become acquainted with this test protocol.

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