Quality Rubber Foam Insulation Tube Manufacturers in China | Thermal Insulation Tube

Exclusively designed Flexible Foam Tubing is a widely used product that need to controlling condensation and efficiently prevents energy loss while using. It is first and foremost utilized for insulating various types of pipe work for air conditioning ducting, chilled water lines and refrigerated. Dacellflex is the best rubber insulation tube manufacturer in china offers high quality insulation tube which is fireproof, lower conductivity, moisture resistance. Our tubes are fire resistant and offer high performance in rubber foam heat & cold insulation materials. As a reputed manufacturer in china our manufactured product is in controlled surroundings to uphold narrow range of density and only one of its kind cell structures to ensure very high insulation properties in a very wide range of cold & hot insulation application temperatures.

We always strive to produce high quality materials and use NBR (nitrile-butadiene rubber) as the main raw material for the production of Thermal insulation tube manufacturers for the foaming purpose and become a fully closed cell of flexible rubber foam insulation materials. For this manufacture we do not use any fiber materials such as HCHO and CFCs which are bad for the ozonosphere and in other words we say harmful for our society. It is a kind of black material with outstanding work performance of product, make extensively used in a variety of public places, medical industrial workshop, clean room and educational institutions. If we’ll go for more specific use, then these are used in Industrial air conditioners in hotels, airports, shipyards, ships, hospitals, offices, certain electronic factories, indoor stadium, exhibition halls, shopping complexes, underground mining premises, train stations and other commercial properties.

As the best Rubber Foam Insulation Tube Manufacturers in China we develop products that are not only environmentally friendly, but they also create no harm to human health, they have zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP). Our Flexible rubber tubes are ideal for use in projects that need optimal air conditioning and refrigeration having a number of advantages.

  • Low thermal conductivity
    Very low water vapor permeance
    High water vapor diffusion factor
    Antibacterial & antifungal
    Environmental friendly
    Great fit to most of the pipe sizes
    Easy and fast to install
    Cold Insulation up to – 160 ºC
    Higher resistant to temperature up to 150 ºC
    Class 1 Fire retardant, FM, UL Approved
    Good resistant to moisture and chemicals
    Great dimensional strength and stability
    High water vapour and anti-condensation resistance

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