Quality Standards Manganese Plate Suppliers

The most well-known producer and supplier of manganese steel plates to the domestic and international markets is Eckhardt Steel & Alloys. All of the worldwide industry quality standards are rigorously followed in the production of our products. We consistently make sure that our products meet all of the requirements of our esteemed clients. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and cutting-edge methods, our skilled and experienced manufacturing team creates these manganese steel plates, which are then made accessible to our customers at among the most competitive prices on the market.

To prevent any damage during transit, we package in accordance with industry standards. Eckhardt Steel & Alloys use the quickest and safest modes of transportation to deliver our products, and we also provide bespoke packaging upon request from our clients.

Manganese Steel Plates Specifications:

  • Thickness: 6mm to 100mm
  • Width: 1,500mm to 2,500mm
  • Length: 6,000mm to 12,000mm
  • Production: Hot-Rolled (HR) / Cold-Rolled (CR)
  • Heat Treatment: N, Q+T
  • Surface Paint: EP, PE, HDP, SMP, PVDF

The market is renowned for the toughness of manganese steel plates. The plates are resistant to abrasion and have high metal hardening capabilities. These are perfect for wearing over plates to reinforce them. In several industries, manganese steel plates are in high demand. Manganese steel plates have a number of distinctive qualities, including maximum wear-resistant life. They are utilized in a variety of applications, including truck bed bodies, grizzly bars, and conveyor parts. The primary characteristic of manganese steel sheets is the high proportion of manganese steel they contain. These steel plates can safely absorb shock leads because of their strong side. The fact that these steel plates are non-magnetic is their best feature. When the work is being hardened, Manganese steel plates’ outer surface hardens, while their inner layer retains a high degree of ductility.

We always guarantee to provide manganese plates or in a format that can be customized based on customer needs with a high-quality surface finish. To ensure the highest possible quality goods come out of the production phase, our experts advise the technical team at each level. These manganese plates offer several advantageous qualities, including high strength, resistant qualities, a rough structure, and low maintenance costs.

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