Quantity Surveyor – A True Friend In Your Project Needs

If you are planning for construction of your dream project that you’ve cherished in mind for years, you will surely need several aides. While sitting to identify and count them,you will find one of the important associates to initiate the project – Quantity Surveyor. Are you aware of this team? You know their functions in construction project? Let us throw a light on this matter.

Quantity Surveyor – Basic Function

When you meet a Quantity Surveyor, you will find this person accountable for deducing the exact amount of what the project costs. Besides managing other crucial roles, the Consultant Quantity Surveyor gives specific guideline on entire construction cost with much accuracy. Due to preparing a list of quantities including labour cost, quantity of materials used etc, they have got such unique name. The list or schedule is also known as cost estimate.

A Number of Employees

Quantity surveying is not a one-man job. Rather we can regard it as a team which comprises of project coordinator, estimator, cost engineer, cost planner,cost analyst, and cost controller. That is 5why this job role weighs a lot and extends extreme support to your dream initiative. Peja Surveying is an agency that strives to appoint the best financial experts & cost analysts for ensuring100% client satisfaction.

Performs A Bunch of Significant Tasks

Quantity surveying is not all about just cost planning for your construction project. It offers numerous jobs to perform with utmost efficiency. The Consultant Quantity Surveyor is responsible for managing all transactions & liquid finances for construction of any establishment like house, bridge tunnel etc. They endeavour to accomplish the project within budget as well as stipulated time frame. They also work for minimizing disputes between the parties involved with the project. At the outset, the professional quantity surveyors estimate a budget that only meet up to your requirements.


There are many things which a surveyor much knows according to its education. But when you are taking the help of someone who is actually giving the same for it with no prior experience then it will be a problem in the future pen and paper work. He needs to pen down all the aspects that are perfectly done. You will feel nice to make it work in a right way. All you need here is to know different types of options to make it right.

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