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Packaging work runs to Jones: In the fifth round, Incentive you to motivate yourself.
Packaging workers run away from the Aaron Jones last year, the first year of the league, the performance is still excellent, and it has made a lot of contribution to the adverse record.

Qi Mreme stressed that Wallace is an excellent child, an outstanding competitor, an excellent leader. Before joining Viking, Wallace has just completed the game of the newly high-rise game for 10 times. I hope he can rebound in Baltimore.

Sherman said: “After two years, I think anyway, I will end my career. I am sure that there will be a team to find me. They still want to know if I have interest to continue playing. But I just want to Two years, regardless of the highness, will be satisfied. ”

Richard Sherman: Plan to play two years and then retire
49 Horn Week Richard Sherman will become an unlimited free player in March, regardless of where the next stop will, Sherman has made plans for himself.

Treated Huara Help Viking people out of $ 11.5 million in salary space, Wallace finally chooses to join the Baltimore Crow. Qi Shi said that during the effectiveness of Viking, Wallace has never expressed its frustration and has been very dedicated. Qi Shi said: “I love him, I think he is a good child. I hope that the crow and John Harbaugh can depend on him as a good person, a competitor.”

Qi Mo talks about the old Wallace: I love him
External Hand Mike Mike Wallace left a failure experience in Minnesotavi. However, when recalling this reference, Viking Mike Mike (Mike Zimmer) said not regret. In the last week’s memories, Qi Mo revealed in an interview that he would like Wallace very much, there are many things more important than money.

Dak Prescott, Dak Prescott, currently led the team to complete 8 wins and 1 negative record, obvious that the team management group has no reason to let him sit on the bench. Moreover, he once again completed the 319 yards in the 319-yard highlight performance.

Miami dolphins may leave quartz Swan
Old will continue to play the 2020 season, while Miami dolphins also welcomes him. At the same time, the outside world is generally guessing that the dolphins will choose the first round of this year. This shows that dolphins have planned for short-term and long-term future.

Denim is so cautious to treat Romo is made by two reasons, first of all, they don’t want him to return too early because his back injury is old injury. The second reason is that you will make him more intense between the competition between the four-point guard, this is also a cowgirl.

Shelman earliest for the Hawks for 7 seasons, and then signed a $ 37.15 million contract with 49 people in 2018. In the 2019 season, Shelman was selected for the 5th professional bowl of career, and also got a place in the United States in the United States. But the injury has affected his work in the 2020 season, and eventually he only played 5 games.

33-year-old Sherman said: “I just want to play two seasons. I want to have a competitive team. I also think that I can still make a lot of contributions to the game. I still have a lot of achievements. I think I can help unite defense and discover the potential of the team, and I have achieved the height of the defensive group I have played. ”

According to Miami Media, Rosen “may stay in” Dolphin to participate in the 2020 season. Given that he has a slightly more than $ 2 million in the new season, there is no reason to cut Russen Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China the raddy perspective. Therefore, it may only be given up when the dolphins have a very attractive transaction offer or when the streamlined lineup is difficult to decide.

Since the packaging workshire is early, Jones currently only played four games, but his scorpion propulsion code is still ranked fourth. The number of reached the number of times, the field can advance 127.2 yards.

Jones said: “This is the people you want to compete with it in your life. This is my motivation, will continue to make me play a wonderful performance. After the high school graduation, I will not be concerned in the fifth round, there are 18 The name is taken away before yourself. This all motivate me. “

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