Questions and Answers on How to Beat Speeding Tickets

Many people at one point in time will end up with a speeding ticket or citation. There are many questions that deal with how the speeding ticket might effect them and what steps to take to beat the speeding ticket or at least get the fines reduced.

How much is my speeding ticket going to cost?

From state to state costs for speeding tends to vary. The costs will also be different for how much over the speed limit you may have been going. Most places the fines are going to be somewhere around a hundred dollars. States like California have some of the highest rates near three hundred a ticket.

The other cost of a speeding ticket lawyer nassau county is that auto insurance rates can increase for up to three years because of the speeding.

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How to turn a speeding ticket into jail time?

Obviously no one wants to do this. Some states can take you to jail for doubling the speed limit or if the officer thinks the speeding was reckless.

If you do choose to go to court and fight the ticket and do not show up, in some places your absence can lead to jail time or heavy fines.

How to fight a speeding in a school zone ticket

These tickets are extremely difficult to fight since people have an understanding to keep children safe on the roads near the schools.

Sometimes there are noble objections to these tickets. If you do get a school zone ticket, this is basically one of your only defenses. As soon as possible, better yet the day you get the ticket, go back to the school zone in the direction you were driving and check three things that you can document with photos.

Check if the sign was blocked by a tree or bush to show that you didn’t know it was a school zone.

Check if the lights indicating a school zone are not operational.

Check if the time you got the ticket was actually when the school zone was not in effect.

What are the tips to get speeding ticket dismissed?

-Learn your local laws. If you study these, you can build a defense based on the points in your jurisdictions laws for this violation.

-Ask honest questions about the method that the officer pulled you over. Sometimes officers have used ways of pulling someone over that aren’t allowed in that area.

-If it’s your first offense, ask for traffic school. This can get the ticket off your record and significantly reduce any fines.

-Challenge the certification of the radar gun or other tool the officer uses to pull you over. These in many places have to be recalibrate professionally every few months and the officer must sign off on it.

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