Questions for Your Movers

Getting ready to move? Not sure about what you should ask your movers? The good news is that we’ve compiled a list of things to ask the moving company so that you can stress just a little less during such a busy time in your life.

Does My Moving Quote Include all of the Additional Charges?

An example of an additional charge would be equipment rental, flight charges, long-carry charges, appliance charges, parking charges, storage charges, fuel charges and awkward objects. If you have an organ, a piano, or something similar, you need to let your movers know immediately, because there could be an additional charge because of weight or size.

What Forms of Payment Do you Accept? What are the Terms?

Be sure that you are very clear and thorough about what amount is due upon delivery and what is due for deposit. Make sure you ask if the deposit is refundable. Do they accept credit cards? We wouldn’t recommend using a company that only accepts cash, but use your best judgement and don’t be afraid of asking any and all questions.

Who is Responsible if Something Gets Stolen or Goes Missing?

This is a very important question to ask your movers before the last box gets loaded into a truck. Finding a good, reliable, quality moving company can take time, but it will be worth it when it comes to the care of your personal items and furniture. If it is a self-service move, you probably won’t be reimbursed for any stolen or missing items. If you’re worried, consider working with a third-party insurance company that can help cover the move.

Will My Items Experience a Transfer?

Sometimes with a long-distance move, your items may be transferred from one truck to another truck, which increases the chances of things getting damaged in transit. If this isn’t something you’re worried about, you don’t have to bother asking, but if it is a concern, now you can be sure of bringing it to your movers attention.

There can be a lot of stress surrounding a move. We understand. But take off a little of the worry and ask all of the important questions before its time to pack up and move out. This also reduces the chance of a misunderstanding later on, and provides a security about your things that wouldn’t be provided otherwise. Don’t walk blindly into a move. Be informed and ask questions.

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