Questions to Ask Yourself Before Going to Private Rehab

Are you going to rehab? Make sure you’re ready. Take care of work and family obligations, for starters. You’ll want to tie up any financial loose ends, too. Be sure to pack along the essentials and that you’ll have enough of them throughout your stay. In some rehabs, though, you can request for some of the items you need, especially if you can’t leave until the program is done. There are a lot of things you need to handle before you go into rehab. Here’s a list of questions so you won’t miss anything.

How Can I Expect from the Program?

What is your daily schedule like? What are the activities you’ll engage in? Do they allow the residents to have some free time for themselves? You’ll want to ask about that before you head over to an alcohol treatment center in Arizona and enroll in a rehab program.

What are the Essentials?

It’s important to ask what the rehab center deems essential. Put together all your important documents and identification. For instance, you’ll need to bring along your insurance card, government-issued IDs and any prescription meds you’re currently on. A music player can provide you with a much-needed break sometimes. Remember to bring one along without a camera, though, since most rehabs won’t permit that. You’ll want to bring any personal hygiene products, too. Lastly, bring comfortable clothing. You’ll spend a lot in therapy and activities, so you want to be ready for that.

Do They Accept Insurance?

Find out if the rehab center works with your insurance carrier. While your policy might not cover all of your bills, it can still shoulder some of the costs. That’s still money that won’t come out of your own pockets, so sort that out with the center and your carrier.

Do They Encourage Support from Loved Ones?

Some facilities prefer that residents have no contact with anyone from the outside world, or at least these communications are monitored and limited. Some, though, recognize the value of support coming from friends and family. They even offer family counseling. Do you want that option too? Addiction destroys families. Going to counseling together with your loved ones is a good first step to mending fences and building your closest relationships.

Do They Offer Detox?

Not all facilities provide detox, especially medically assisted detox. You’ll need to ask about that before you pick a treatment center. For greater convenience, though, it’s best that you pick a facility that already offers detox services, so you won’t have to go anywhere else for it.

Will You Get Better?

Rehab has had positive results. Though it hasn’t worked for every patient, the high success rate suggests that you have a better chance at lasting recovery if you undergo rehab. Several factors also affect your success such as the type of care plan you get, the quality of care, the presence of aftercare services, and more. If the facility only offers one-size-fits-all programs, that’s a good indication that you should go elsewhere.

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