Questions you might have before getting Dental Implants!


A lost tooth not only makes you feel awkward but can also make you lose your self-esteem. Besides, you lose your potential to enjoy life with your teeth. How can you feel comfortable when they are uncertain about your smile? This is why you should consider receiving dental implants. Dental implants will help you retrieve your self-esteem and ability to relish life. From dental implants cost Sydney to will it suit you, you should be asking a lot of questions prior to getting your implants. Here we have answered a few of the common questions to help you make a decision.

How would you decide if you are a Candidate to get dental implants Sydney?

1. Do you have loosened teeth?

2. Do you have lost teeth?

3. Do you have unsecured dentures?

4. Do you feel hard to chew?

5. Are you a non-smoker?

If you answer yes to any of the questions above, you are a candidate for dental implants. The most practical step to know more about implants is to discuss them with a dentist. During the discussion, you will know the benefits and dental implant cost and make an informed choice about receiving your implants.

How many Surgeries will I be going through to get my Implants placed?

Getting cheap dental implants Sydney is a significant decision in your life. It can transform the entire way you see your life. You should know how much time you will be contributing to get an implant and how many procedures you will be undergoing.

In most situations, first, the implant post will be set and left to heal. Once fixed completely, the top will be fitted over it. In exceptional cases, additional procedures will be required. This ultimately depends on your overall and oral health. Your dentist will examine you and inform you of the procedure you will need on the primary consultation.

Will I have Sedation Options?

Yes, you read it right; you will be given sedation during implant positioning. This is to make sure you perceive no pain and are relaxed during the procedure. There are several sedition choices like general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia, which will be reviewed with you by your dentist before undergoing the procedure.

How Long will my Implant Last?

When fixed by a dental professional or an implant specialist, your implant must last for life. So many factors should be held into consideration in the surgical placement of the implant and its maintenance. Dental implant success is stated to be greater than 98%. With appropriate placement and care, you can have your implant for life. Get your implant as soon as possible and get rid of the gap in your mouth.

The author is a dentist. Specialising in dental implants in Sydney, he provides natural-looking teeth without much hassle to his patients. Visit for details.

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