Quick checklist for seeking admission to engineering colleges in Delhi

Choosing an engineering stream has become easier these days. There are ample online portals and educational consulting services offering proper assistance to choose an engineering stream suitable for a candidate. In fact, it has also become easier to find a suitable college after completing your Higher Secondary education. Despite this fact, it is obvious that parents and candidates feel nervous or lost during choosing a college even if they have sought after professional consultation.

Let us make this easier for you. As per the expert educationalists of Amity Gurugram, here is a list of things a parent or a candidate should check in the engineering colleges in Delhi.

Things to check in an engineering college

  • Choose a stream

The first step is to choose an engineering stream. Most students think that choosing an engineering college will help them get placed in a good company. This is where the first mistake is committed. You should consider your passion and likings. Find out what subjects you liked in the Higher Secondary curriculum.

Check out all the engineering courses associated with them and make a decision. Find out what these courses offer thoroughly so that you can understand what you actually want. The website of the top engineering college in Delhi will always show the subjects included in an engineering course for the benefits of the aspirants.

  • College affiliations, certifications, and approvals

This is where you will find how colleges maintain their infrastructure to get the affiliations and approvals from the top institutions and governing bodies. Conducting engineering courses requires a set of things in the infra for knowledge delivery and skill development. They are classroom, faculty, libraries, laboratories, etc. Check the infra and approvals before enlisting a college. You can easily categorize a college and compare to find the best ones.

  • Consider fee

The engineering colleges in Delhi seek a course fee for the courses conducted. Most of the colleges follow the protocols mandated by the regulatory authorities and keep the fee as per the norms. Despite this fact, it is always necessary to check the fee first and use it as a factor to compare the colleges. You will find a beneficial platform to understand which college you can afford. Remember that you will also have to bear expenses associated with the curriculum, accommodations, travel, accessories, etc.

  • Setting a budget

This is quite crucial for the candidates who do not belong to an affluent family. Setting a budget for educational purposes is necessary to understand how much you can spend. Find out if you have to take a loan for the purpose or not. Check whether the colleges can offer some financial aid in terms of scholarship, course fee waiver scheme, accommodation, etc.


Find the top engineering college in Delhi by comparing the names you have included on the list. Use these factors to differentiate and distinguish the best platform to pursue an engineering course. check the placement factor and industry exposure of a college before making a decision.


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