Quick Guide To Learn Case Study Method For College-Goers

A case study is usually described as an in-depth analysis of any particular case, handpicked from an industry that the student is studying in. The mechanisms involved in the case study features a detailed examination of every aspect of the case. For example, a case study by business students involves the depths of studying a particular firm’s marketing and business strategy. Case study writing help services online guide students so that they do not panic when they hear that they would have to prepare for an assignment for next semester.

Every case study comes with different requirements. For example, a Reebok case study will require help that is different from an FMCG product. So, here is a quick guide for students to learn about other case study methods applicable to various case studies.

Experts at the online case study writing help services say that different method adopts all the procedures needed to do a case study research. These tasks include-

  • Designing of the case study.
  • Collecting all relevant data related to the study.
  • Analyzing the collected data for a better argument.
  • Reporting of the results.

In business research, the entire case study is divided into four broad case study approaches. The methods involved are-

  1. No theory first

The “no theory first” method teaches us that the research process is finalised by a complete and thorough inspection of the emerging constructs within the case or across many cases. This design is closely connected to Kathleen M. Eisenhardt’s methodological work.

  1. Gaps and holes

Contrary to the “no theory first” case method, case study designs can focus on specifying the gaps or holes in existing theory with the ultimate aim of proceeding towards theoretical explanations. This design follows the guidelines of Robert K. Yin’s optimistic assumptions.

  1. The social construction of reality

According to this method, there is no unique real world that exists independently when it comes to human mental activity. It states that the world is a product of historically and socially related interchanges among people. The works of Robert E. Stake represent this method.

  1. Anomalies

The final case study method is termed as “anomalies” and is similar to the works of scholar Michael Burawoy. The principal ideology behind identifying anomalies as a basis for further research is the most fundamental practice in business research.

Each of these four methods has its areas of application. But, the crucial aspect is to understand the assumptions of the particular techniques to understand and grasp the concepts of them altogether.


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