Quick Guide To Lens Surgical System

The LENS Surgical Imaging System brings execution, productivity, and worth across the board perception arrangement. Joining three items into one framework, a control center, camera head, an iPad application, the LENS System can conceivably limit capital venture while keeping up with versatility for future updates.

When utilized in the LENS Integrated System, this careful framework catches fixed and movies, patient document the executives, and restricted, repetitive control of the LENS camera control unit inside articular holes, body pits, empty organs, trenches, and the thoracic cavity.

The focal point careful system is highly required for inspecting those regions where the natural eye can’t reach, be it for living beings, minuscule innate cells, or any dim recognize that can’t be spotted regardless of thorough, exhaustive vision.

The LENS surgical system includes a complete application when contrasted with customary camera frameworks. The Lens imaging framework is explicitly intended to upgrade the working of the LENS framework.  This system has an automatic and easy-to-understand application that can be effectively associated with an underlying LENS remote organization.

Working, Features & Applications of This Surgical System

The LENS surgical Imaging System is successful advancement in medical technology for its incredible efficiency and performance. It adds weight to an across-the-board representation arrangement.

By joining three items; a camera head, console, and an iPad Application, the LENS System can diminish every single capital speculation while holding versatility for redesigns in the coming time.

The programmable catches on the camera head empower specialists to control standard capacities. When utilized with the LENS iPad Application, settings can be kept up even out of the care field.

A quality and advanced lens surgical system will always fulfill all those needs which are required for a successful application, so it contains features like;

  • Provides wireless control of camera functions
  • Provides Image & Video Management
  • Creates annotations
  • Prints wirelessly

What Surgical System Consist of?


The system console is proposed to plan for versatility; the control place can create office needs as future camera decisions, and programming updates may open up. Features include;

  • Driven Light Source
  • Picture Management System
  • Camera Control Unit (CCU)

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