Quick home remedies to remove general stains from clothes:


According to laundry pick up service, the stain should be soaked and then a cloth soaked in a solution of water and white vinegar. If the cloth needs to be dry cleaned, it is also advisable to pass a cloth or cloth impregnated with white vinegar over the stain to protect the fiber while arriving at the laundry.

If it is a common wash, use warm water and detergent, in case the stain does not come out, let it soak with white vinegar and detergent, rinse and then wash with hot water. Or use formula number 2 of chapter 4, common washing.


Spray bold carbonated water on the stain. If it penetrated deeply, a trick is to use hot water and detergent If it is wool or silk the chocolate stain garment, use water with a few drops of ammonia but it is recommended to the first test in a hidden area of ​​the fabric and if it is leather, warm salt water should be applied.

Crayons pencils:

Soak overnight in a mixture of half a rate of liquid dish detergent and half of water.

Apply ice to harden the surface and then scrape. Then place two paper towels and press with a hot iron on the stain but the back of the fabric. Replace the towels when they have absorbed the color and finally wash with detergent.


A homemade trick to remove deodorant stains on white tissues is to wet the garment and then rub it with detergent. The process should be repeated, but also putting a splash of bleach.

Nail polish:

A trick to removing enamel stains is to use alcohol. Similarly, thinner can be used. It is advisable to test before on a non-visible part of the fabric. Do not use enamel remover, it can make the stain worse.

Olive oil helps, but it is very important to apply it only in the area of ​​the stain.


Stretch the stained area over a bowl or drum to embroider and pour cold water through the stain, from a distance of several feet.

As suggested by laundry pick up service, apply a solution consisting of a tablespoon of white vinegar and a few drops of ammonia on the stain. Rinse it with warm water.

Rub it with salt and then wash with water and detergent. Finally, scrub with a rag dipped in alcohol.

If the stain is dry, rub with hot milk, vinegar or alcohol.

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