QuickBooks Payroll Error PS060: Steps To Fix It

When attempting to download QuickBooks’ latest payroll update, QuickBooks Payroll Error PS060 can arise. It can also arise while you are simply using the payroll service. One reason for this could be that you do not have proper settings for the Windows firewall on your PC. 

Don’t worry you can always configure the setting and the issue giving you QB error code PS060.

Given this is an error it will start showing adverse effects on other programs running. You might experience that the input devices are not responding to commands properly. To avoid all the further issues that will accompany the QuickBooks Payroll Error PS060 you must fix the issue on priority. 

Error PS060 in QuickBooks can be tough for you to deal with without any guidance so we suggest you find an expert to assist you fix it. We are advising this because on one hand it will help you save your resources and on the other get you rid of the error. Dial +18557380359  for such expert guidance to fix the issue while saving on resources

Causes of Getting QuickBooks Desktop Error PS060 

Read the causes below to know the reasons for QuickBooks Desktop Error PS060:

  1. Slow internet can be a hindrance in case you are on a slow connection you won’t be able to download the payroll and QuickBooks will surely throw the error PS060.
  2. Firewall setting blocking the QuickBooks file is a common issue in case of QuickBooks error. You need to check your Firewall or other antivirus programs installed.
  3. If there’s incorrect information in the paycheck it is going to result in the QuickBooks Error.
  4. An old version of the QuickBooks will also lead you into Error PS060 in QuickBooks.

How To Solve QuickBooks Desktop Error PS060

If you want to resolve the error try the fixes that we are providing you in the list below, Ensure that you follow the instructions stepwise:

Solution 1: Make Sure The Connected Internet is Stable with Good Speed 

At times the PC can experience slow connection issues, but if it happens while you are trying to download the QuickBooks then you are likely to get an error message for error code PS060. Hence we advise you to check the internet connection, in case it is interrupted you need to fix it.

Solution 2: Use the Correct Information in Paychecks

  • In case you have entered the wrong information in QuickBooks paycheck this is also a prominent cause that gives you an error report for QuickBooks Error PS060. 
  • Follow the step below it will help you fix The payroll error in QuickBooks:
  1. Visit your QuickBooks desktop on the device, you can open it by double-clicking on the icon of the application.
  2. Next, you are going to click on the Product and Services. 
  3. Thereafter you have to select the QuickBooks Payroll service that you are using for your payroll calculation.
  4. Select the billing information that can be incorrectly mentioned and enter the right information using the edit option. 
  5. Save and close and additionally check the payroll subscription for using payroll services.

In addition to the fixes that you are given above you should look for the version of QuickBooks desktop you are using. In case you are on an older version, update it to get over the QB error PS060

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To Sum Up 

The methods provided above are tested when it comes to resolving QuickBooks Payroll Error PS060. Hope using the methods above you were able to0 resolve the error. In case it still lingers around and you have used all the methods listed here you should seek quick help from professionals in the field. Contact our support team at +18557380359 they will help you fix the error and also help you answer any of your queries regarding the same.

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