Quirky Props for Finishing Touch Wedding Photography in West Midlands

Wedding photography can never always be about being suave and stylish as sometimes couples love to have pictures that are quirkier and livelier as compared to the conventional tricks. If you are also looking for some finishing touch wedding photography in West Midlands then it’s time for you to give a due consideration to some new born and quirky photography props that will add a perfect finishing touch to your wedding photography, thus removing the sense of monotony and boredom even for the guests.

Here is a list of quirky props that you can ask for quintessential wedding photography in West Midlands.


Definitely one of the newest born and the most popular quirky prop for finishing touch wedding photography in West Midlands, the tiebacks are great choice with their multi-colored approach and textures. Arrange for couple tiebacks that would signify the personal style statement of the groom and the bride respectively.

Flokati Rugs

Flokati rugs are beautiful and we all know that but what we all do not know is that adding them with your wedding pictures as a prop can improve the texture of the image by manifolds. Bring in a few colorful flokati rugs for your wedding day prop shop and let your guests soak I the madness called quirky wedding photography.

Stretch Wraps

Stretch wraps are another new born wedding photography sensation that makes for perfect starter of the photography session during any wedding ceremony. Bring stretch wraps in multiple colors tucked with a straw to allow the guests have swirls and get wrapped in the stretch wraps for couple pictures.

Quirky Placards

One might argue about the existence of placards as a popular photography prop but when it comes to weddings there are a lot of options that you can explore with placards. To begin with, keep them styled in your overall wedding theme, use the multiple languages and signs to make them interesting and use as many colors as you can to keep the setting lively and fun.

Flower Bouquets

Though flowers remain exclusive to the bride on her wedding day, but they can make can an excellent prop for other girls attending the wedding. Provide colourful flower bouquets at the prop shop and allow them to be a bride for a second while they are being clicked to be a part of the most fun wedding album they might have ever seen.

While the list can go endless, there is always an option to put a full stop on it. So chose the best wedding photography prop ideas for the perfect finish touch that you want in your wedding pictures.

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