Quota Type: bytes in the Bigpond mailbox error

Bigpond email is not just some ordinary email client service, it is a well-reputed and recognized email client service. There are millions of users worldwide accessing the service and have appreciated the features and functionality provided by Bigpond email. No doubt there is another such email client available on the web, users can also check on the service and compare it with Bigpond email. We can be sure that users will find Bigpond more effective and comforting. Well, there are loads of necessary information which can be learned about the email client to access it without any confusion, to connect kindly contact the Support Service Number.

There are some instances where errors do occur with an email account, here users have encountered an issue with bytes in the Bigpond mailbox error. This error is often seen in small and medium business email users. Below we have provided troubleshooting steps to solve the error.

  • The user will have to open the Administrative tools.
  • Then open Active Directory Users and Computers.
  • Next head for View and Advanced Features.
  • The user will have to make changes on mDBU se Defaults and click on False.

Click on Ok then hopefully the error will be solved. If there is any other question for Bigpond email then connect with Bigpond Technical Support Service.


More Info: https://www.bigpondonlineservice.com/blog/bigpond-customer-support-australia/

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