Radio: For manipulating the FPV drone

Most drones have the same fundamental components:

Frame: To carry all of the components.

Motors: Not necessarily a bad idea to possess a couple of replacements on hands.

Battery: My build uses 4s (4 cells) however, many setups are actually enhanced for 6s.

ESC: Controls the rate from the motors.

Flight controller (FC): The “brain” that controls everything.

Camera: Typically a typical definition analog camera. Video signal within an analog product is usually sent with the flight controller therefore it can overlay data on screen (OSD).

Video transmitter (VTx) antenna: Video feed in the flight controller delivered to the VTx which transmits an indication to the goggle.

Goggles: Receives and displays the recording feed.

Radio: For manipulating the FPV drone.

Receiver Antenna: Module to get the control inputs in the radio and relay these to the flight controller.

Buzzer: Optional module that wires towards the flight controller and may beep instantly when battery is ejected and could be allotted to a turn on your radio. Very helpful to find a crashed drone.

Gps navigation: Optional unit to beam back coordinates to goggles/radio. Also enables “direction by” arrow to show on OSD. Not necessarily necessary on the cinewhoop which has limited payload and it is usually traveled slow and never faraway.

Observe that the above mentioned description is perfect for a conventional analog system. DJI’s digital FPV drone system replaces your camera, VTx, receiver, goggles, and radio into a built-in unit with it’s own goggles and optional radio.

Concerning the build itself, I loosely adopted Joshua Bardwell’s full drone build guide in addition to this build to obtain the gist of methods to put together the various. Although the components are different, your building process/techniques are identical. I simply used the pinout diagram that arrived the instructions using the FC/ESC to determine which wires go where in my specific components. If you do not understand how to solder, take a look at Oscar Liang’s guide. Should you opted for the DJI digital FPV drone system, I made use of this tutorial for wiring in the Air Unit.

When you construct your FPV drone, should you built an analog setup, after that you can bind it for your radio by using this tutorial. If you are while using DJI FPV system, linking the constituents is simply by pushing a couple of buttons.

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