Raid had issues with me for a couple of weeks

Raid had issues with me for a couple of weeks. I had been trying out addons and WOW TBC Classic Gold was experiencing issues. The issue was resolved through disabling details streaming (I believe that’s the name it’s named, I’m not at my computer atm), maybe try that to see if you can also use details.

If you use Rivatuner try disabling it. It caused my game to freeze instead of stabbing, but you don’t will know. I’m using in-game fps cap for now, but there are times when I have stammering, and I think it’s due to add-ons, and it’s more common when running multiple clients, as in every 10-20s.

This is probably an inordinate amount of time, however I’m still trying to find someone who can play Classic TBC. I was a regular retailer, but my friends stopped playing. I switched to Classic and now I’m all alone. It’s hard without CRZ. Yet, I continue to play Mankrik horde. It’s a shot in the wind that there is someone else who may be around and is looking to have a chill time. I also play other PC games as well, but I’d wish to find a group of friends as I’ve got my characters up. Discord is my preferred method of communication.

Bartender allows you to alter the parameters you specify, I believe. The person who suggested a different addon is probably the best. There might be a way to find the keybind file within wow, then save it as a copy and paste onto your desktop. To alter them, you can drag and drop them into buy WOW TBC Gold the file.

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