Rainbow Six Siege Will Be Getting A Battle Pass

The host of Season 9 champions and Creator’s Cup main event, Raleigh Major, announced that Rainbow Six Siege is all set to get a royal battle pass. This is similar to what PUBG and Fortnite do to earn revenue, but Ubisoft’s revelation received many negative reviews. The mixed reviews were the result of Six Siege already being an expensive game, which charges for annual seasonal passes. The reveal at the Raleigh Major 2019 received somewhat adverse reactions as seen at the live stream on Twitch.

1. The First Battle Pass

The first battle pass in Phase 1 is going to be free as it is a test. It will be released in the upcoming third season named Operation Ember Rise. It will be in the form of Mini battle pass that will balance things along with optimizing the monetization.

2. Phase 2

Season 4 will get a full-fledged royal battle pass which will contain both premium and free tracks. There will be more story elements injected into the story as the game does not allow a solo player campaign, and will never get any either. Alexander Karpazis, the Presentation Director, described it as a New Monetization Product. Ubisoft wants the no-paying users to receive rewards as well.

Rainbow Six Siege will be getting another product for monetization. It will be esports skin provided by the pro teams. It will be a part of the Phase 2 Pilot program which is to be launched on September 19. The objective previously was to introduce weapon skins exclusive to the pro teams. This decision is taken to provide revenues to the pro teams so that they can build a career in esports. The revenue sharing will be 70-30 with the teams getting 30%.

Two premium paying transactions along with recycled skins, are not set very well with the players as evident from the initial reactions.

As of now, Ubisoft is charging separately for different versions of Rainbow Six Siege game. Also:

· Premium weapon and character skins

· New operators

· Charms

· Elite skins

· Loot boxes available during events.

The most recent example of loot boxes would be the Showdown mode with Old West theme.

It is yet unknown as to whether the royal pass will be included in the seasonal pass or not. It can be a good strategy in the regards of loyal players, but it can backfire with the players who do not have the time to complete weekly challenges. The addition may entertain the long-running players, but not so much for people who just play occasionally for fun. However, the feeling of missing out may play some part in favor of Ubisoft. It may go either way in the long-run for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.

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