Raised by Wolves: A Bloody Exploration of AI

Ridley Scott is back at science fiction again, but the series looks pretty meretricious. The renowned director of science fiction has directed something he is familiar with. With “Raised by Wolves,” he tells a story about a duo of androids who are studying humanity but without much comprehension.

The famed director of Blade Runner and Aliens had taken a sort of vacation from science fiction film, but he made a return with “Prometheus,” “The Martian,” “Alien: Covenant.” He has now directed two episodes of “Raised by Wolves” for HBO Max.

“Raised by Wolves” also marked the return of Ridley Scott to the television screen. The last time he was involved in a TV series project that did make its way to the screens was the 1969 drama series “Mogul.” Though, it is in public knowledge that he did direct an unaired pilot of the Showtime series “Vatican.”

The first two episodes of the “Raised by Wolves” are intriguing, the only episodes directed by Ridley Scott, but that’s pretty much it. The series becomes monotonous after that, never to return to the standards we expect from a Ridley Scott’s work.

Scott engrossed himself in the first two episodes and showcased his vision of a futuristic world while also diving deep into some existential questions such as the nature of humanity, faith, and look of a futuristic unjust world. The truth is that the first two episodes had all the markings of a masterpiece with Ridley Scott’s name stamped all over it, but after the two episodes, the hook that the show created in the first few hours gets lost.

No star war type thing ensues, as the show soon gets lost in a modern world question about how the parents should raise their children. Will it be faith, or will it be science? Believers and non-believers are at war with each other over the guarding principles of the first native generation on a planet.

Science fiction and drama do not always blend with each other, and both genres have their own premise, set up, and conclusion. If you aren’t really looking for stereotypical parenting advice in a dystopian setup, you shouldn’t go for this as there is barely any fun in the story.

However, Ridley Scott has a legacy of his own, and with the two episodes he directed, he showcased that he still hasn’t lost any virtuosity over the years. All he has to do is to plan a proper script and give himself some time and money. Then, we all know what can happen.

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Source: Raised by Wolves: A Bloody Exploration of AI

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