Rajasthan Tourist Places

These 8 places of Rajasthan are very special, definitely go here as soon as you get a chance. While the natural beauty of Rajasthan attracts people towards it, its historical places, religious places are also world-famous.

Rajasthan has been a center of attraction for domestic and foreign tourists due to its history, culture, and special geographical conditions. On one hand, where the natural beauty of Rajasthan attracts people, its historical places, religious places are world-famous. You can also visit this beautiful place by taking a complete Rajasthan tour. Today we are going to tell you some special places of interest in Rajasthan which are very popular among tourists.

Lake Palace

The Lake Palace, located amidst Lake Pichola in Udaipur, is counted among the most attractive and most romantic hotels in the world. Many famous films have also been shot here.


Barmer city of Rajasthan has so much in itself that tourists cannot ignore it. There are many tourist places here. Apart from this, the city is also very famous for the Barmer Festival which takes place in the month of March.


The city of Pushkar in Rajasthan is called the king of pilgrimage sites in India. Situated in the Ajmer district, this city is associated with many Hindu mythologies. Pushkar Lake, Brahma Temple, Varaha Temple, Rangji Temple, and Man Mahal are very famous among tourists.

Mount Abu

Perhaps there will be a tourist who has not heard the name of Mount Abu. It is the only hill station in Rajasthan. You can also enjoy this place on the Budget Rajasthan tour packages. On one hand, where the beautiful valleys attract tourists, there is no dearth of tourist places here. Guru Shikhar, Boating in Nakki Lake, Sunset Point, Achaleshwar Mahadev Temple, Trevor’s Tank, Wildlife Sanctuary and Toad Rock, etc. should be on your must-visit list.

If you are planning to visit then these four places can be the best option for you. You should visit these places for the first time.

Ranakpur Jain Temple

Ranakpur Jain Temple is counted among the five very beautiful and important pilgrimage sites of Jains. Situated on the western side of the Aravalli ranges, this temple is dedicated to Lord Adinathji. It is made of light-colored marble which looks very beautiful. According to legends, a Jain merchant named Seth Dharna Sah and Mewar ruler Rana Khumba built this temple.

The main temple complex of Chamukha also includes other Jain temples. The basement area of ​​the temple is spread over square feet. There are 80 domes, 29 halls, and 1444 pillars inside this temple. The main feature of the pillars is that each of them is unique. The carvings on the pillars are different from each other. The temples of Parasnath and Neminath are in front of the main temple.

Surya Narayan Temple

Surya Narayan Temple is a beautiful temple in Ranakpur which is dedicated to Suryadev. The temple features various wall murals on its wall of circular structures. It also has an idol of Lord Surya riding on a chariot with seven horses. There is a major temple of Amba Mata near this temple, which attracts the devotees who come here.


Ghanerao is located near Ranakpur and is a popular tourist attraction. There are many big and small Hindu temples in this village. Gajanad Temple and Muchhal Temple are two of the most beautiful and popular temples among the 11 Jain temples located in the region.

In the Gajanand temple, you can see beautiful idols of Lord Ganesha and deities Riddhi and Siddhi. The idols of Lord Hanuman and Lord Bhairon Baba, located on either side of the main idol, are believed to be the protectors of Lord Ganesha.


It is a very beautiful and small village in the Pali district of Rajasthan. . This village is on the foothills 6 km away from the famous town of Ranakpur. Travelers can see many Jain temples and Hindu temples in this area. The murals and architecture of the temple of Lord Adinath, the first Jain Tirthankara, are very popular among tourists. So book your full Rajasthan tour packages because Rajasthan is a very popular and beautiful place. You can collect some memories by visiting Rajasthan places.

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