Rare And Precious White Gold For A Radiant Diamond Engagement Ring


white gold vs platinum

You already got your sparkling diamond for your engagement ring, and the only missing thing is the metal setting to complement it. Between white gold vs platinum which one will be an ideal choice for you. And before you answer that, did you know white gold became popular as people found it to complement diamonds wonderfully? It tends to add extra brilliance to the diamond.


White gold is one of the beautiful and precious metals that the majority choose for their engagement ring. It closely looks like platinum, which is a naturally white metal. White gold consists of 75% gold and other alloys of 25% nickel and zinc. An 18 karat has 75% pure gold and 25% other metals.

Rhodium is a rare metal coming from the platinum family used to coat white gold, healthier, and a whiter shiny aesthetic.


Between white gold vs platinum, which one is more affordable?

White gold is by far cheaper than platinum. A metal like platinum with high strength, density, and purity will be more expensive.


What do those allergic to nickel do if they want to buy white gold?

Manufacturers have realized this flaw, and they are now switching from nickel to palladium, which attracts more bucks than that with nickel alloy. However, the price doesn’t come anywhere closer to that of platinum. Another solution is rhodium coating on white gold, which reduces the chance of allergies.


Why is gold added with other alloys?

If you have ever wondered why nickel and other metals are combined with gold, we will let you know the reason why. As pure gold tends to be soft and malleable, adding hard metals such as nickel and palladium gives it more strength and durability. Pure gold on its own would quickly lose shape. Additionally, rhodium alloys help to add a lustrous white sheen to the white gold.


White gold looks similar to platinum, right?

  1. Although they may appear similar in appearance, they both have significant differences. White gold is pretty hard and resistant to scratching. After years of use, it turns its color to a cast of brownish or yellow. However, you can sort this by dipping it into a rhodium metal. The plating can last up to three years with good care.
  1. Platinum, on the contrary, is a pure metal but heavier than most erection metal. Due to this, it becomes challenging to design jewelry with it. Choosing between White gold vs platinum will depend on your personal choice.


Why you will love white gold

Look no further and get a metal setting that will look divine with your dazzling diamond stone.

  • A perfect pairing for a diamond ring
  • White gold vs platinum, white gold is pretty affordable. It’s also more hard-wearing compared to silver.
  • It’s more contemporary and ideal for the millennial while maintaining the gold’s value.
  • Its neutral color makes it an ideal setting for a diamond and other gemstones intended for an engagement ring or wedding ring.
  • It blends with any outfit.
  • It makes a great alternative to platinum if you can’t afford it.
  • It’s the most popular metal setting for engagement rings since it’s versatile and affordable.


In conclusion, for your partner to have that dazzling look, you would want a pairing of rare and precious metal when you slide that sparkling diamond ring on her finger. So, which one will you choose between white gold vs platinum because both pairs beautifully? White gold is the majority’s choice for so many reasons that we mentioned above, and it also complements a cascade of a sparkling diamond.


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