Ratio of Asian Paints Dealership Profit to Total Sales of Asian Paints

In India, getting Asian Paints franchise is a simple process. The Asian Paints Dealership cost is lower than many other paints company. The Asian Paints offers a variety of dealership programmes, including one with a minimum commitment of just 5 Lakhs. Asian Paints dealership enquiry can be requested via email or by calling the sales manager for the region where a store is needed.

Getting Asian Paints franchise is not as expensive as it would be with some rival paint manufacturers. The entire country of India can take advantage of Asian Paints’ franchise. The Asian Paints dealership cost includes:

  • Rs. 5 lakhs for a commercial space to open a shop;
  • Rs. 1.5 lakhs for a color mixing machine;
  • Rs. 3.5 to Rs. 4 lakhs for stock (including GST);
  • Rs. 50,000 for computers and printing machines to run daily business operations;
  • Other expenses of around Rs. 20,000

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The color mixing equipment, which comes in fully automated and semi-automatic forms, will be supplied by Asian Paints. An automatic one is the best option. You could talk to the sales representative of your area about this. Key investments needed to launch an Asian Paint franchise business include paint inventory, a retail store in a visible position, a mixing machine, a shop interior, and a computer with a printer.

Earnings as a franchisee of Asian Paints might be anything from 3 percent to 8 percent of gross sales. With discounts of up to RPBT and cash, Asian Paints tries to make up for its low profit margin by providing its dealers with a larger portion of the market.

The company provides additional bonuses and incentives to its dealers as a part of Asian Paints Dealership profit. Cash discounts of up to 5% are available to Asian Paints distributors who make payments within 3 days, while RPBT discounts of up to 3.5 percent are available to those who make payments within 9 days. Asian Paints Dealership profit is a business of healthy profit margin.

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