Raypak aboveground pool heater – Saltwater pool heater

You certainly decided to buy your pool for, have fun with family or friends, exercise, spend moments of relaxation or even for therapeutic reasons. However, you have surely realized that if your pool is not equipped with a heating system, you often found the water too cold at the time of bathing. However, swimming early in the morning until late at night, during a long season of the year, is possible. Even with an ambient temperature below 20 ° C, the water in your pool can be maintained at a pleasant temperature for months.

Little embarrassing, it contains a resistance crossed by an electric current. A thermostat ensures temperature regulation for optimal bath comfort. Its purchase price is reasonable, its installation is inexpensive but its cost of use is quite high. To reduce the energy bill, it is recommended to use it, preferably, during the hours at the economic rate of the electricity supplier.

Heating the water in your pool will allow you to take advantage of it for many months, even throughout the year, and you will make the important investment by buying Raypak aboveground pool heater that this pool represents.

Doctors consider swimming as one of the most beneficial cardiovascular exercises. It is an activity that almost everyone can practice with certainty, each according to their possibilities, while running or jogging may prove impossible for most of the elderly, or reached by muscle diseases. By heating your pool, you will get more out of the benefits of water. Heating the pool water using Raypak pool heater is absolutely necessary for those who use it in principle as a therapeutic means or for those who consider the bathroom a means of relaxation.

The sun’s heat alone is generally not enough to heat the water in a pool. There are several systems to heat the water in a pool, from  electric pool heater to gas heaters through even more elaborate systems that use solar energy. You can determine, among the following systems, which is the most adapted to the heating of your pool according to several factors: your needs, your electrical installation, your budget as well as the position of your pool in relation to your residence.

The saltwater pool heater is the easiest solution to run. The device is placed on the filtration circuit of the pool. The rise in temperature of the pool is a period of 2 to 5 days, with continuous filtration.

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