Razer Basilisk V3 Gaming Mouse Review

Every year Razer releases new gaming mouse. I have been using Naga Pro for some time now, but I was mind blown when I tried the new Razer mice. From the get-go, I can tell you that I am all in for the praise for this excellent device.

Razer Basilisk V2 was priced justifiably at $69.99, but it got a much-needed refresh in the form of its successor as Razer Basilisk V3. The new version offers an RGB glow on the bottom while keeping the price lower than the predecessor. You can find a few design flaws in the latter.

Basilisk V3 Design

This mouse is designed keeping in mind the form and functionality of the mouse. All my gamers out there will love the new RGB under-glow of this mouse. It comes with 11 lighting zones, which is far more than any competitor’s offerings. You will not see it often because it is present under the mouse as a more practical thing. It will look great in any full RGB setup.

Like its predecessor, it is a Right-Handed mouse. It comes with an extended grip which is designed just like Basilisk Ultimate. You can say that the Basilisk Ultimate inspires the design of this mouse.

One of the key factors every FPS gamer looks at in the mouse is the device’s weight. This new Razer Basilisk V3 comes in at 101g. The new design contributes to most of the newly added weight. If you rather play different types of games, you will feel right at home using this mouse. This mouse looks great and provides a good grip to play for long sessions.

Basilisk V3 Features and performance

The Razer Basilisk V3 features two types of scroll wheels. You can use the Tactile Scroll wheel for better precision, and when you want to scroll long pages on a website or document, you can switch to the free spoon wheel. You can change these modes on the go by assigning a key to any programmable button. Speaking of Programmable buttons, this Razer Basilisk V3 comes with 10+1 programmable optical switches, which can be assigned by using the Razer Synapse software. These optical switches are rated for 70 million clicks.

You can go up to 26000 dpi, which is more than any normal or competitive gamer needs. 4K or 8K will be the comfortable spot, but if you need more dpi, this mouse has it.

I have played a ton of games using this mouse, and it helps in hit scanning the enemies easily. Razer provides pre-configured settings for a different software, which makes your life simpler using that software.


The other mouse in this price bracket, such as Logitech g502, is a bit on the heavier side. My favorite mouse, Prime from Steel series, focuses more on the performance aspect than the design of the mouse.

This mouse does justice to both the requirements. It combines a good design with some of the best performance I have seen on any mouse.

So if you are all looking for a new mouse in the market, this can be your new favorite. Razer Basilisk V3 can be a bit heavy for the light-handed gamer, so I suggest a lighter alternative to this.

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