RC FrSky Transmitter Tutorial: How To Improve Transmission Security

In this RC frsky transmitter tutorial, you will learn how to enhance the security of the UAV transmitter connection with help. With the increasing popularity of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), people have higher and higher requirements for transmission security, so as to avoid the loss of UAVs in densely populated areas, commercial operations such as delivery and monitoring, or as amateur flight.

Redundant systems: what are they and why are they important?

Redundancy refers to the concept of doubling the key components or functions in the system to improve the reliability. Suppose the UAV battery is disconnected or ESC fails during flight. If there is no redundant system, the UAV will crash. For a system, on the other hand, there is no critical component responsible for the entire system, so there is always a backup.

The frsky rb-40 redundant bus is a unique central module that can operate two different receivers and batteries to reassure you during a day’s flight. Rb-40 is programmable with triple redundancy, adding a multi-channel port (RX3 in / SBUs out) and a set of standard XT60 plugs to provide fully safe and efficient power supply.

A good choice to avoid interference problems with frsky redundant systems is the ability to create a dual band system for greater security. To do this, you can add an R9 module to the back of your frsky transmitter and plug an R9 receiver into the SBUs port. Now, you can use 2.4 GHz and 900 MHz transmitters.

The installation is safe and convenient

Installing the rb-40 is simple: all you need to do is connect the receptor through the SBUs in the redundant bus port. In this way, if the signal received by the primary receptor is incomplete, then if the signal from the second receptor is better, the transmission will immediately switch to the second receptor.

Receptors can be connected in one of two ways. They can be connected in series or directly to the rb-40. The picture below shows a schematic of how to connect the sensor to the sensor. To take advantage of a multi access sink binding with the same ISRM module, modify the uid for the different sinks.

What else can rb-40 offer?

Rb-40 provides the same reliable attributes from the previous redundant bus, in addition to having new resources to participate in more and more various user needs, like 24 PWM channels to prevent high voltage overload in each channel, channels 1 to 8 are also equipped with current sensors.

Rb-40 also supports frsky’s proprietary intelligent port telemetry transmitter. With the smart port, you can receive feedback on telemetry’s tension, current, power consumption, altitude, etc. In addition, due to the diversity of sensors, it can also be used as a substitute for s or GR series receptors.

The new redundant bus from frsky also provides an NFC switch and automatic data recording. The contactless NFC switch is an external device that allows you to switch power on and off on demand without having to handle the battery yourself. After the power is turned on, the black box function will start automatically to record data and backup flight details.

Another feature is the liquid crystal display, which is similar in size to the display in the X-Lite series transmitter. Browsing and configuring telemetry data is a more convenient scrolling button. However, despite all these features, the carbon fiber and aluminum design weighs only 260 grams.

Although the redundant system increases the flying weight of UAV, few pilots will complain about the increased weight considering the effect of the system on protective equipment. In addition, rb-40 also provides a built-in gyroscope sensor with stable function, which can improve the performance and accuracy of UAV operation.

With the continuous development of UAV market, it is urgent to protect UAV from its own and surrounding people. Because of this, the redundant system is different. It introduces the anti fault mechanism for UAV, which greatly improves the life of UAV and the safety of flight days. Can be in horusrc.com The frsky rb-40 dual power is obtained on the.

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