Reacting to my FIRST Essay in University as a Biomedical Science Graduate

I’m a fourth-year medical student and biomedical science graduate studying kids college in London and today i have a really cool post for you guys what we’re actually going to be doing is reviewing and critiquing my first ever essay i wrote to the university and it was so so bad i remember actually getting 40 on this essay and so i just about skate through and passed that essay so be really cool just look back and go through it. The reason why i want to do this post is kind of two things the first is as i mentioned i’ll be really good just to kind of reflect and see.

Where i once was at when i was an 18 year old you know just started university secondly i think will be really good for you guys educationally if you actually want to improve your essay writing skills hopefully i’ll be picking out some things that you definitely should not do or try not to do when you’re writing your own essays and we’ll talk about how we can actually improve and get better at writing essays but also more important. I want to show you guys that although you guys may have seen that i’m really big on research i have you know written and published articles in peer review journals a little bit of flex. There are many teachers in school who gives help with computer science assignment to students.

I can show you guys here this is my first-ever research paper. I ever published myself and also you guys know that i am a biomedical science graduate so a little bit of flex but i promise you it’s for a good cause what I’m essentially trying to say is that this wasn’t overnight as you guys will see my first ever essay that i wrote to university was absolutely terrible. I just about passed and if you guys are at the stage where you know you may not necessarily be getting first classes in every single essay maybe you’re struggling with your essay-writing skills i want you guys to know that you know i used to struggle so much as well writing essays for me was one thing that i was horrible.

About passing getting:

Which i absolutely hated and i was able to go from you know just about passing and getting 40 to getting a first-class degree and also getting my first ever publication in a research post so if you’re at stage university don’t worry you definitely will be able to overcome this and hopefully get a stage where you are publishing articles where you are getting the first class in your essays and hopefully this post will help you out with.

This before we start I’m gonna give you guys five seconds to drop a post a like and make sure you subscribe as well and turn your notification bells on that really helps me out before we actually go ahead and jump into my essay. I wanna let you guys know that i have two excellent uh posts so far on how to write an essay in university by taking leadership assignment help from taking assistance from experts and i also have an entire skillshare course. I recorded which you can access for free down below and essentially was a course.

Writing your own essays

I would have wanted myself to have watched when. I was 18 years old in university just starting off or also even in my first or second year of biomedical science and hopefully, I’ll really help you guys out with writing your own essays and getting the first class but moving on. The post is alright so let’s go ahead and actually open up the document and just look at straight away i do immediately feel a bit cringy kind of like watching my youtube posts back but probably a bit worse all right so starting off. The title is biology retinoblastoma and straight away whenever.

I recommend you guys do is try and have a title that is very specific this is quite a non-specific title you know biology is a very huge broad and general term you know if you want to write an essay make sure your title is very very specific and talks about exactly what type of biology you’re talking about so this is quite a nonspecific title straight away but let’s just carry on all right so reading abstract a cancer of early childhood and causing blindness and thousands of children worldwide retinoblastoma is one of the most rare yet abominable types cancer.

A mini-essay:

What i can see here is not only are current treatments looked at but also promising and futuristic methods of endo-blastoma are discussed so this sentence kind of sounds like a brochure to me you know essentially what an abstract should be it should be a mini essay itself so it shouldn’t be you know in first person you know this sentence right here straight away is me talking first person but you don’t have that you don’t want to kind of you don’t want to be talking like a reader to tell. The people that you’re going to talk about in the actual essay you want to have like literally.

A mini-essay in your abstract so yeah straight away not a very well-written abstract but it’s okay I’m gonna forgive myself for that OK but this I’m not gonna forgive myself for so this next paragraph or the next section of the actual body is caused right so Kenji just decided that we’re not gonna do introduction we’re not gonna do there is no introduction basically we’re gonna jump straight into the causes which is crazy like. I actually can’t believe that i didn’t have an introduction like you know i thought straight away you know why not let’s just jump into the causes of the actual disease but definitely don’t do.

If you’re writing an essay make sure that you do have an actually dedicated introduction before you go ahead and talk about causes so straight away um yeah that was a bit that has been mad all right so moving on so two forms of random last number exist you know. I wrote number two if you’re writing an essay don’t use numbers write it out like two so two forms very no blast number exists. The hereditary and non-hereditary forms is all right so just jumping straight in no context.

Lecture on referencing:

Whatsoever not describing what even retinoblastoma is i don’t even know if it’s cancer or not I’m just straight away telling you that there are two forms not even telling you about what retinoblastoma is 40 lecture on referencing. I thought that was um you know kind of self-knowledge and general knowledge. I skipped every lecture to do with how to reference and what you should be referencing which i definitely paid for like looking back now i was so stupid. I definitely should have attended every single lecture that i had during my first week especially to do.

The referencing because clearly, i didn’t even know how to reference you know when you’re referencing guys when you make your own essays make sure you’re either referencing in maybe something like Vancouver or Harvard referencing these are proper scientific referencing systems that everyone uses when. The actual when they actually make scientific papers so even on my scientific paper.

Harvard referencing:

I showed you guys i used i think it was Harvard referencing for that and gain more information on how to actually reference on my skillshare course link down below if you want to check it out all right guys that is a quick, uh read through my first-ever essay. I wrote university i hope you guys can feel.

The pain and feel how much pain. I was experiencing when reading this uh this essay but I’m not going to be too hard on myself you know i think whenever you know you go to university whenever like anyone goes university. They can’t really be expected to be initially straight away amazing or writing an essay unless they maybe have an uncle who’s a professor in like you know retinoblastoma.

I am going to go a bit easier myself you know having read through this and it is very nice to know that i you know i started somewhere you know i wasn’t straight away very good at scientific writing and to be. The stage now where i am at 25 years ago so almost seven years ago really is humbling to know that yeah I’m past.

The stage is essential um but yeah as i mentioned if you guys want more information on how to actually write essays. I have two excellent YouTube posts on how to write an essay and also. The entire skillshare course that you can access below for free by clicking on. The links i highly recommend you check those posts out check out. The skillshare course as well let me know what you think.

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