Realize the Full Potential of a Cryotherapy Franchise

In recent years, whole-body cryotherapy has become increasingly popular among athletes, celebrities and average consumers. A series of simple three-minute sessions in a cryotherapy machine can give someone a variety of wellness benefits.

Although cryotherapy equipment has been used to treat conditions like arthritis for decades in Japan and Europe, it is only beginning to catch on in the US. This is thanks in part to high-profile figures like Jennifer Aniston, Lebron James, Tony Robbins and Kate Moss using cryosaunas. As cryotherapy continues to enter the mainstream, the more business opportunities will arise.

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Astute entrepreneurs and managers have begun to see the advantages of adding cryotherapy units to their businesses or organizations. This group includes:

Physical Therapists
Massage Therapists and Spa Owners
Gymsand Fitness Facilities
Sports Teams

A cryotherapy business or cryotherapy franchise has the potential to generate substantial revenue. In 2016, The Huffington Post reported that one session in a cryotherapy machine costs an average of $85. Some cryotherapy companies offer monthly plans of unlimited cryosauna sessions for approximately $300 per month.

Before an entrepreneur or a business can tap into this revenue potential, they need to plan carefully. This field requires not only a considerable investment for equipment but also knowledgeable, responsible staff.Here are a couple factors to consider when starting a cryotherapy franchise:

Hire the Right People

No business can run smoothly unless it hires people willing and able to perform their duties. Franchises need to screen and interview potential employees thoroughly before bringing them on. Applicants should understand—or be quick to learn—both the benefits of cryotherapy and the importance of monitoring and operating cryosaunas properly.

Having the right staff in place will position both franchises and their customers for success.It ensures that people get what they want from their cryosauna session and protects the brand of the business.

Find the Right Equipment

In addition to intelligent and attentive personnel, cryotherapy businesses and franchises need the best available equipment. High-quality cryotherapy equipment will be energy-efficient and keep the temperature uniform and consistent inside the chamber. The best manufacturers will also design features and software for their cryotherapy units that keep users safe.

Impact Cryotherapy provides entrepreneurs, franchises and organizations with some of the finest cryotherapy equipment available anywhere. The company’s patent-pending cryosaunas feature Smart Pressure Technology for superior efficiency and safety. Impact also offers installation, training, marketing and support services to help its clients succeed.

About Impact Cryotherapy

Impact Cryotherapy is a leading manufacturer of cryotherapy machines. It is committed to selling the market’s best cryosaunas and offers exciting cryotherapy franchise opportunities around the world.

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