Realm Of The Mad God Will Escape The Flash Shutdown

Realm Of The Mad God still attracts a large number of players and is as vibrant as ever. This free-to-play combination of action RPG and bullet hell shooter is now being remastered in Unity to rid the Flash of its curse and ensure future generations know its horrific splendor.

Realm Of The Mad God was first released more than a decade ago, and it’s pretty outdated, except for one thing: it runs on Flash, which will officially release later this year. Players are sure to fall in love with Realm Of The Mad God even more, and you can accumulate more  RotMG Items For Sale  to successfully complete the task.

The demise of Flash could lead to a new wave of old games being culled from our fickle culture, though projects like Flashpoint are helping preserve as many as possible. RotMG sidestepped this process, as Exalt converted the game into a standalone Unity build.

Although it is currently still in open development while everything is being sorted out. The open beta launched last Thursday, but due to a bug, I couldn’t play it until today. I’m happy to report it’s still excellent. In fact, it was one of the best games of 2011, and it completely consumed Alec Meer (RPS Peace) for a while.

Everything is just as immediate and rewarding now. It’s perfect for someone like me who likes to play MMOs alone, but also silently teams up with random players for a while before parting ways. It’s also surprisingly endearing and positive for such a voracious time greeder. That might be just what some of us need right now.

You can download and play the Realm Of The Mad God Exalt public beta from its own website for free. Whether you are a novice player or an old player, you will need a lot of RotMG Items. If you want to improve the game efficiency, then you can go to RPGStash to buy Cheap RotMG Items . This will be the fastest and safest way to get it, and it is also one of the few persistence A store for RotMG players.

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