Reasons for Hiring Call Girls or Escorts

There are many reasons why hiring of call girls or escorts has been increased a lot and now it has become a fashion or latest trend. The reasons for the hiring of call girls in Dwarka are many of which some are as follows:

Need of Hiring Call Girls

  • Many people are driven by compulsive need for sex. It can be true or men or women.
  • Due to frustration, men need sexual pleasure or there are men who are driven by insatiable need for sexual pleasure.
  • Men sometime find real relationship very risky due to variety of reasons including the fear of real intimacy.
  • The call girls try to soothe the psyche of man and do not demand of anything emotional in return.
  • Due to mental stress, the people want to get relaxed and totally comfortable with the services offered by the call girls or the escorts.
  • They provide both in call or out call services for their clients as the clients need and require.

Recruitment of Call Girls by Escort Agencies

  • The call girl or sex worker does their services not in professional terms and they do not display their jobs in general public.
  • Clients can call these girls or can easily contact on telephone.
  • The agencies recruit these escorts or call girls through advertisements and call girls give their details and types of services they have offered to their clients together with their client’s info whom they have served.
  • The call girls advertise their services in small ads or magazines or through an internet or through an intermediary advertiser like an escort agency as they are involved in promoting escorts.
  • As per client’s need and demand, the escort agencies plays an important role in offering best escorts together with the other facilities which perfectly matches with the clients need and requirement.
  • The amount of fees varies as per the services offered by the call girl and types of customers they are dealing.
  • The escort agencies select the most beautiful, attractive features, giving best sexual pleasure and comfort etc.
  • There are many selection criteria’s followed by the escort agencies for selecting the perfect escorts or perfect call girls.
  • There are many independent call girls or many call girl agencies who have their websites and clients can also directly contact to their website and can known about them from the website details.


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