5 Reasons .NET Application Development is Indomitable in 2022

Does .Net Development has a future?

Is .NET Development still relevant in 2022?

Do you ever get struck by such questions?

Well, today we are going to cover 5 amazing facts that make .NET Development an indomitable rock in 2022.

Do you have any idea, how many companies are using .NET technology currently?

About 12844 companies are using ASP.NET.

What makes these 12844 companies rely on ASP.NET?

Okay, let’s take it further.

Slack, Alibaba Travels, ViaVerejo, MasterCard, ROBLOX, Mews, accRx, SpaceX..and so on!

You know these companies or at least have heard of what they do, right?

I know this isn’t something that you usually google for, but if you have done this, you must have come across the big names in the list who are using ASP.NET in their technology stack!

Why do they prefer ASP.NET? – Well, that’s a real question!

It’s a robust and easy-to-use framework that enables building small to big-sized applications with a minimal amount of code. Less code, less time, and quick time to market.

Faster time to market, isn’t that a good reason to go for ASP.NET?

According to the 2020 Developer survey by Stack Overflow, .NET Core has emerged as the most loved framework with 71.5 % trust votes by professionals.

Numbers have done their job. Now, let’s understand those 5 crucial factors that make .NET Application Development indomitable in 2022.

Let’s dive in!

Releasing the updates, no matter what!

Regardless of the odds that were stacked against every industry, the COVID-19 pandemic, .NET didn’t disappoint the .NET application development service providers and launched .NET version 6.0 in November 2021.

In continuation to what .NET did in 2021, the further updates for .NET core 7.0 and 8.0 are scheduled to go up in November 2022 and November 2023, respectively.

This has come up as a big relief for net development services providers.

The upgrade of course was essential and vitally important as .NET developers keep up with the latest enhancements and features that can improve the effectiveness of the work they deliver.

And, .NET didn’t disappoint them, not even a bit.

Security comes first, always!

Cyber-attacks and security threats are the worst nightmares that any developer could get!

While building any application, security is a major concern that a .NET developer seeks to address.

.NET has absorbed the heat and covered this as an essential in the latest upgrade 6.0 that .NET application development service providers and individual .NET developers are appreciating the most.

.NET  6.0 is fully backed with security mechanisms such as threat modeling, cryptography, and defenses in-depth mitigation. This rollout on the security aspect is helping developers build safer and even more secure applications.

The Blazor Framework

The launch of Blazor Framework has triggered a wave of revolution within the net development services providers who specialize in client-side site application development.

Now, it’s possible to build interactive web-based Single Page Applications for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.

Blazor is turning out to be a web development framework of the future. With capabilities to run .NET code on any browser without any browser plugin, processing user requests without I/O threads, and much more, Blazor has turned out to be a hit amongst .NET developers.

Server-less Computing

Serverless Computing Market is expected to register a healthy CAGR of over 23.17% during the forecast period (2021 – 2026) – Mordor Intelligence.

Serverless computing is shaping up and going to thrive high in the coming time as it is highly cost-effective, secured, and scalable.

Microsoft Azure has evolved as the most opted serverless computing platform globally. It has enabled productive development using .NET Core.

The most searched Framework on Google

Counting this to be the last thing on the list, but not the least!

According to the recent data from Google Trends, ASP.NET and .NET-related topics are in top trends. This certainly rubs off the question on the future of .NET Framework.

The robustness, security and high-end performance of ASP.NET Core Framework have created a drive for it’s popularity around the globe.

Microsoft has not allowed anything to shake the faith that .NET application development service providers and individual .NET developers has shown towards it. Microsoft has been striving hard to continuously better the platform with the latest updates and upgrades, timely.

Closing Notes

.NET has stood strong on the expectations that net development services providers and individual .NET developers have set forth. With the continuous upgrades and modern features that Microsoft is releasing on a periodical basis, Microsoft has laid off a strong foundation for a bright future.

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