Reasons Planting Cover Crops is Considered the Best Farming Practice

The adoption of farming practices which utilize organic and sustainable methods is no longer seen as a choice—it has become a necessity in many parts of the world. While it is an undeniable fact that chemical-based fertilizers and pesticides usher dramatically increased yields, they also degrade the quality of soil and pollute the underground water supply, both with potentially catastrophic long-term effects. We simply cannot continue to employ the traditional agricultural practices that involve exploitation of soil and water.

Cover crops are plants which are introduced into fields to organically suppress many types of weeds, repel pests and improve soil quality and fertility. In addition to these benefits, farmers across the globe are recognizing the value of cover crops in increasing annual yields of organic commodities and also the prevention of soil erosion and harmful diseases. Any discussion of the sustainable future of agriculture must include mention of cover crops, as they will play an integral role.

Planting cover crop seed as part of a commitment to comprehensive sustainable agricultural practices has been proven to prevent the depletion of nutrients from the soil and protect it from erosion by wind and water. Cover crops can protect farmland during particularly vulnerable periods, including partial fallow and summer fallow. The protective canopy provided by select cover crops minimizes the impact of rain on the topsoil, thereby reducing the breakdown of soil aggregates. This increases filtration and reduces soil runoff.

Minimizing the effects of soil erosion also reduces the movement of valuable nutrients and harmful pathogens (such as those found in manure) from farmland into the water supply. When there is too much nutrient-runoff into a body of water, eutrophication occurs and often leads to algal blooms and a serious disruption in marine life. Cover crops can significantly reduce the likelihood of this happening.

Along with proper planning and management, purchasing cover crop seed from trusted suppliers like Forage Complete is essential for the success of any sustainable farming operation. Forage Complete is a source of premium-quality cover crops such as rocket lettuce, Bokito radish and smash mustard, as well as organic alfalfa seed and a variety of non-GMO products. Forage Complete is the exclusive retailer of NuTech seeds in Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Nevada and Utah. Forage Complete’s team of dedicated experts is proud of its role in expanding sustainable farming practices and works hard to consistently bring the best seed products to progressive farmers in the Pacific Northwest and throughout the country.

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Forage Complete supplies organic seed products, cover crops and forage crops and is the exclusive distributor of NuTech seed in five western states. With an ongoing commitment to blending innovative technology with extensive genetic research in the field, Forage Complete has set a new standard in the organic seed market.

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