Reasons to Choose Beer Cans Over Beer Bottles

If you are a beer lover, then you may have noticed some major changes in beer packaging. Beers usually come in glass bottles; however, recently, there is a change in packaging. The Largest Can Manufacturer in India offers beer in cans in different shapes and sizes. Moreover, people from all over the world start preferring beer cans over glass bottles. 

However, the argument regarding which beer packaging is better still happens. Here we have made some comparison between the tin cans and glass bottles for beer packaging. 

Beer Protection 

The biggest beer enemies are heat, oxygen, and light. Glass bottles block almost 99% of the light that usually damage the beer. However, the glass bottle is fragile, a little crack, and everything goes into a dustbin whereas Cans offer Can Ends that are the perfect airtight seal. They do not let beer be in contact with light, oxygen, or heat. 


Beer glass bottles are difficult to carry. They weigh much more than beer bottles. Moreover, the glass bottles are also very fragile. You will always be on toes to keep the bottle safe as well as you won’t be able to throw them away because of the dangerous shards of broken glass. Any beer lover can easily say how much easier cans are to carry, with almost no breakage issue. Just like beer cans, baby food can manufacturers in India produce special cans for baby food. 

Impact on the Environment 

You may not know, but cans can be recycled over and over again. Moreover, as they are lighter in weight, they can carry a large number of cans easily. Thus, leading to a cut down on shipping cost and fuel. However, when it comes to glass bottles, things get a little complicated. Glass bottles can be recycled easily and difficult to carry. 

Final Words 

It is easy to say that Beer Cans win this match. Numerous other economic and ecological factors make cans a winner. 

The Largest Can Manufacturer in India is Hindustan Tin. The company uses recycled cans in production, thus making a positive change in the environment. To learn more about them, visit their website.

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