Reasons to Choose Dental Implants


In recent years, dental implants Albuquerque nm have become one of the more popular choices among patients who are looking to replace missing teeth and want something that looks and feels as natural as possible. Because of their high success rate and their many benefits, they’re also becoming more common among oral surgeons across the country as well. If you’re considering this option, check out these reasons to choose dental implants over other treatment options as suggested by a cosmetic dentist Albuquerque.

Feeling Confident

Even if you’re missing just one tooth, you can feel self-conscious when talking or smiling. You may think that dentures are your only option—and they’re an option! But, dental implants provide many benefits: your smile looks more natural; your bite is better aligned; chewing is more comfortable; eating is easier and less stressful on your jaw joints. Many patients consider it a worthwhile investment in their self-confidence.


Many of those with missing teeth look into dentures, but these traditional appliances can be unsightly and uncomfortable. Dental implants solve both problems: They’re easy to care for and are designed to blend in with your natural smile. With dental implants, you’ll never need another appliance again.

Smile Confidence

The best thing about dental implants Albuquerque nm is that they are virtually indistinguishable from real teeth. That means you can smile as wide as you want and no one will be able to tell a difference between your teeth and those amazing dental implants. Your smile has never looked so good!

Reduced Risk of Dental Problems

If you’re missing one or more teeth, you could face a host of other dental problems down the road. For example, tooth loss often leads to bone loss and periodontal disease. Replacing missing teeth with dental implants can keep these conditions from worsening and prevent them from occurring altogether.

Improved Appearance of Mouth & Jawline

Veneers and traditional dentures can only cover a portion of your mouth and when they’re in place, you can still see gaps. With dental implants, there are no more gaps even from a short distance away, your smile will look full and complete. Your jawline will also be more prominent after dental implants have been placed giving you a more toned-down appearance.

Keep Healthy Gums and Teeth for Life

Most people don’t realize that dental implants can actually help them enjoy a healthy set of teeth and gums for life. Rather than getting dentures in your sixties, seventies or eighties, with an implant you can enjoy your natural teeth for as long as possible. People who have lost one or more teeth often feel like they’ve lost a bit of their confidence – but dental implants can restore that confidence.

Save Money

Because dental implants are made from titanium, a highly-durable material that doesn’t erode, you can save money on future oral health care procedures by having a dental implant crown or bridge in place. Because your implant won’t be damaged by erosion or other issues over time, you don’t have to replace it. This means you’ll only need to replace your prosthetic teeth (crowns and bridges) and not your dental implants.

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