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Norton is a brand name associated with cybersecurity products and services. Norton has been providing top quality consumer and business cybersecurity products for years.

Types of antivirus and antimalware products by Norton

  • Norton Security Premium
  • Norton Security Deluxe
  • Norton Security Standard

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Norton security suites protect the devices and prevent infections such as viruses, malware, rootkits, Trojans, from accessing the device and wreaking havoc. These Norton programs perform scans at a regular pace for protecting the users as they browse the web, download stuff and check their emails. Norton issues regular updates which get installed automatically. For this reason, the device remains safe always.


Norton security suites protect the devices by conducting regular scans. If any malware or infection tries to penetrate the system, then Norton software promptly blocks it. If any threat such as a virus or malicious software that can possibly be damaging tries to access the computer, then Norton quantines it before alerting the user. Norton security suites also prevent the devices from threats when the users use any instant messaging application. Threats and infections might try to infect the system in this way. Therefore it is essential to stay shielded while chatting.


Norton security programs are automated, and they start running as and when the device is switched on. They protect the web browser, apps, and the data stored in the system. They also offer web protection. They warn the users as and when needed so that the user can stay alert. Users do not have to turn it on or scan it; scans happen automatically.


LiveUpdate refers to a utility tool produced by Symantec Corp. Norton LiveUpdate is responsible for downloading and installing security updates as well as software patches. So, if you have Norton software, then updates will get installed automatically. These updates are rolled out regularly. Therefore your security suite will always remain secure against the latest threats.


Norton Antivirus boasts from the ICSA or International Computer Security Association Labs. This independent unit of Verizon Business establishes the criteria regarding the compliance of commercially sold cybersecurity products. When any brand receives the ICSA certification, it shows that the software has been examined by an independent third party to check that the program works the way it says it does.

Norton security products also bagged the award for “Best Protection” in the AV-TEST Awards for providing high-security at all times.


Norton products can be purchased from any retail store that deals in Norton products. Some independent websites who provides Network and Data protection also offer Norton products online. The pricing depends on the type of Norton security program and its subscription.


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