Reasons to choose tax litigation attorney in Houston

Tax litigation occupies a large portion of judicial time. If you face tax controversy with a state, federal or foreign tax authority, the dispute resolved with the legal practice comes under tax litigation.


To represent you in front of federal, state, and local taxing authorities or guide you under IRS audit, only an experienced attorney can manage. They also guide you in documenting business entities and advertising regarding the tax implication of financing joint ventures, estate gifts, and U.S taxation of international transactions. It also involves civil matters or criminal tax matters that are caught in U.S tax court, U.S district court, and U.S bankruptcy court.


If you are dealing with a complex tax issue, you can understand how confusing and technical the overall tax law process is. The dispute arises when the company or the individual believes that tax is owed and the other party does not believe the same. Mostly, the tax controversies arise at the time of audit. A tax litigation attorney solves all kinds of discrepancies. He has a distinct set of skills that not all tax attorneys have.


There are many good lawyers you can find in Houston who are experts in tax litigation but can’t see inside the courtroom. The lawyers of Kreig LLC- a law firm have proven experience in the entire legal process. We give you an expert vision for your every query. Tax litigation is a time-consuming task. While working with you, we look at your tax disputes from various angles. We cover a broad scope as we deal with direct and indirect tax issues which include recovery and penalty. 


Fighting for the tax controversy is not simple, but as a tax litigation attorney in Houston, we assure you that we will give you the best result to win your tax battle. As tax litigation attorneys, we set up an installment agreement to safeguard your finances. We manage all the necessary paperwork required at the time of the IRS audit. We protect your intellectual property that includes designs, logos, business services, inventions, trade secrets, and more. By following proper tax laws your business can gain a reputation in the market and protect you from financial issues. 


We help you with IRS and state tax court litigation and all other kinds of tax disputes you are facing. Give us a call and schedule a meeting today! 

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