Reasons to Hire Commercial Cleaning Services in Brisbane

How much bacteria do you think there is on an office desk? 1000? Maybe 10,000? These numbers are not even close. According to a study in 2016, the average office desk is home to over 10 million bacteria—that’s 400 times more germs on a typical toilet seat. The best way to prevent these pathogens from spreading is to hire commercial cleaning services in Brisbane.

Top reasons to hire commercial cleaning services in Brisbane

  • Boost employee productivity

It’s easier to work in a clean environment. In fact, according to Harvard researchers, employees working in an environment with clean air perform 61% better on cognitive tasks. Not only that, but good workplace ventilation can increase staff performance by up to 100%.

This is because dust, unpleasant odours, and unsanitary restrooms can distract an employee and make them feel uncomfortable. Luckily, professional cleaners are very thorough with their work, wiping down windows and mirrors and vacuuming carpets and rugs to get rid of dust.

  • Improve workplace health and safety

Poor workplace maintenance isn’t just distracting. Over time, a messy desk or a dirty bathroom can attract harmful bacteria and viruses. One thing about these pathogens is that they will spread when given the opportunity, and in closed areas like offices, you’re only encouraging them to proliferate faster.

Ensuring the cleanliness of your workplace is an essential aspect of occupational health and safety. According to Australian Work Health and Safety laws, businesses must provide employees with a safe work environment and monitor workers’ health and conditions at the workplace.

  • Maintain a professional appearance

Proper workplace maintenance will not only improve your business’s internal operations but also help enhance its outward appearance. For example, if you invite your stockholders to a meeting in your building, visibly poor working conditions will turn them off.

So, to make a good impression on your customers, investors, and other potential visitors, you need to keep up cleaning your premises.

Working with commercial cleaning services in Brisbane can also help you cut costs in the long run because you don’t need to train and hire a dedicated team of cleaners. Professional cleaning personnel won’t have any trouble keeping your facilities spotless, no matter if you manage an office, medical centre, bank, or educational institution.

About the Author:

ECO Commercial Cleaning is the industry leader in eco-friendly cleaning services for businesses, factories, banks, retail stores, educational institutions, childcare facilities, and healthcare facilities. They offer a very high calibre of cleaning services and only use equipment and chemicals that are of commercial quality and are kind to the environment. Each of their cleaning staff members receives in-depth training on how to carry out each cleaning activity as well as on crucial safety considerations. The business takes pride in its dedication to offering consistently excellent customer service.






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