Reasons to Take up Chemistry as a Course of Study

Chemistry is a diverse field in itself. After you gain a degree in chemistry, you have limitless options to choose from. You might want to specialize in a particular domain after reading chemistry. In that case, options are crucial as you can find out what you are good at. The courses dealing in chemistry are similar to one another, but there is a distinctness in every course. There are five branches of chemistry which include organic, analytical, physical, inorganic, and biochemistry. Other disciplines related to chemistry are nuclear chemistry, polymer chemistry, environmental chemistry, bioinorganic chemistry, biophysical chemistry, nanochemistry, etc.


Chemistry is a course that deals with matter and the transformations it undergoes. Matter comprises air and other gases. You are surrounded by chemistry from all sides. Are you in need of Housecroft Inorganic Chemistry 3rd Edition Solutions Manual services? If yes, then you can establish a connection with the customer support team of CFS.


  1. Lucrative salary: Chemists earn a lump sum and are considered one of the highest wages in making professions. The salary completely depends on your post, place, and educational qualification. A chemist can earn between $40k to more than $85k per year. There are chemists who possess high qualification skills and are highly established. Not everyone can attain that position; therefore, organizations pay chemists a lumpsum. Your earning also depends on the branch of chemistry you have specialized in. Some branches of chemistry are intellectually demanding; thus, such chemists are paid high. The number of qualified chemists is produced less when compared to the number of jobs; therefore, chemists are paid a reasonable amount.


  1. Innumerable job options: As the field of chemistry is wide; therefore, there are innumerable job opportunities for the students after they pass out of college. A chemist is required to play a large variety of roles. Let’s get to know some of them:


  • Chemical technician: A chemical technician must have a profound knowledge of chemistry as he is required to assure that all the equipment’s to be used by a chemist is already present in the lab. At the same time, he is required to take care of all the equipment’s present in the lab so that the research can be carried out perfectly. Many organizations located in different parts of the world lookout for this post.


  • Toxicologist: A toxicologist is someone who is required to collect the blood and tissue samples so that harmful elements like alcohol, poison, pharmaceuticals, etc., can be detected. Such people can solve crime cases with their talent. After getting hold of the reports, they inform the police department what has exactly taken place at the crime scene. You can associate yourself with a law enforcement agency so that you can conduct investigations.


  • Teacher: After studying chemistry, you can become a teacher or a professor. You can either teach in a school or a college. A teacher is responsible for coming up with effective procedures of teaching so that the knowledge can be passed on to the students. Many schools face difficulty finding a good chemistry teacher. To many student’s chemistry is a tough subject. Therefore, schools and colleges lookout for an experienced professional who can deliver lectures in the right manner to the students. The teachers must be able to resolve the queries of the students.


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