Reasons Why Collectors Love Patek Philippe

The Patek Philippe watch is manufactured by the Swiss Patek Philippe SA company and was founded in 1839 by Antoni Patek, Adrien Philippe, and Franciszek Czapek. The Patek Philippe watch has a stunning, unique design that makes it stand out and is everything stylish and luxurious. What more, collectors go to great lengths to add the Patek Philippe watch to their collection. The following are reasons why collectors love the Patek Philippe;


The Patek Philippe is not a watch you are likely to find in every shop you walk into. Unlike other brands that produce millions of watches all year round to serve all their consumers, Patek Philippe manufacturers make around 62 000 watches. And how many people are there globally? When you do the math, the watches are not even enough for people in a single country!
For this reason, owning a Patek Philippe in your collection can be likened to having a personal treasure, making them a collector’s favorite.

The investment value

Most watch collectors can agree that making a profit is a driving force into venturing into the watch collection business. Therefore, before adding a watch into their collection, they consider its value. A watch that appreciates is at the top of every collector’s list. And the Patek Philippe guarantees just that. This is because the manufacturing company has a monopoly in the market, coupled with its unique design and quality. Therefore, you are sure to get a return on your investment with a Patek Philippe and possible profits. For instance, if you auction a Patek Philippe, it could go even double the retail price.

The build quality

Every watch collector is keen on having high-quality watches in their collection. And Patek Philippe’s quality is indisputable. This is because the Patek Philippe SA, a company that has been around for 182 years, ensures that it produces quality watches. The company maintains a very high standard when training all its employees to ensure quality watch production. This means you are assured of only the best when you purchase a Patek Philippe. After all, that’s what you expect from a company that prioritizes quality over quantity.

The design

Collectors have one thing in common; they have an eye for details. And for this reason, the Patek watch remains their number one asset in their watch collection due to its unique design and superb craftsmanship. Patek Philippe watches special design suits ever-changing fashion trends through the years.

What’s more, thanks to the well-trained company employees, the Patek Philippe is expertly assembled by hand, giving attention to every part of the watch, including the movements. Therefore, making it a coveted piece of jewelry to own.

The archives

The fact that one can source the date a Patek Philippe was made and the date of its sale makes most collectors intrigued by the watch brand.

Having the right watch brand is the secret to having a great collection. Most collectors love the Patek Phillippe due to these reasons. If you are looking to start a watch collection, familiarize yourself with the grounds and add a Patek Phillipe to your collection.

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