Reasons Why Electrical Outlet Isn’t Working


Having an electrical outlet that suddenly stops working can be stressful and overwhelming. In most cases, there’s nothing wrong with taking a few steps to see if you could resolve the problem by yourself. However, there are times where you need to call in a professional electrician Bondi to get it fixed right away. So, what would cause a wall outlet not to work? The following are the possible reasons why electrical outlet won’t work:-

Circuit Breaker Trip

This is probably one of the major reasons why an electrical outlet stops working. Usually, circuit breakers trips when there’s an overload of electricity on the same line is detected. When found, the circuit tripper breaker shut off its power to avoid electrical surges causing damages to the electrical appliances connected to the outlet. This happens when too many devices are plugged into the same outlet, and it would have caused the circuit breaker to trip. In addition, damaged or faulty or malfunctioning electrical appliances can also short out easily and trip the breaker.

In case if your power outlet stops working suddenly, check other nearby outlets to see if they’re working. If they’re dead, check the circuit box, probably the breaker must have been tripped. Before flipping back the trip, please unplug and remove the appliances connected to the outlets. Examine the appliance before flipping off the breaker.

Old Wiring

If your house is too old or it has been a long time since wired, probably old wiring is what cause your outlets not to work. If the wire is old or damaged, electricity cannot travel properly. An electrical outlet can stop working due to faulty wiring. Apart from the outlet refusing to work, constant buzzing sound from the outlet, flickering lights, burnt marks and smell from the outlet, outlets that feel hot to touch, and old electrical systems are the signs of faulty wiring. If you’re experiencing any of these signs, please call in a professional electrician Northern Beaches and have your home’s electrical system inspected.

A Bad Connection

The outlet is subject to a bad connection, and it can cause the outlet to stop working. An outlet with a loose or damaged connection or damaged screws can’t provide enough power. In such a case, the outlet will cease to work and won’t supply power. However, this problem can be hard to diagnosis without the help of a professional. If you feel that your outlets have a bad connection, contact electrician Abbotsbury for diagnose and fix.

A good electrician can help diagnose and troubleshoot any electrical issue and have the outlet repaired or replaced.

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