Reasons Why Jaipur is the Best Option for Career Destination in the Software Industry


Jaipur! What comes to your mind after reading the word? Camel, desert safari, traditional songs with bagpipes, colorful turbans, etc. Yes, Jaipur is identified worldwide due to its beloved and colorful culture. From mesmerizing landscapes to beautifully built monuments, Jaipur lives in the heart of every tourist who visits. It is also called the pink city and is declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 2019.

Apart from the vast popularity of tourists, the capital city of Rajasthan has much more in its bag which won the heart of the world. With the growing tourism, it has also shown progress towards software development. Many of the IT companies have been established in the past few years. With a population of 3.1 million, it has covered every industry in its arms. Out of which software development is highlighted. Software company in Jaipur has showcased positive results till date. There are 10,000 IT companies in Jaipur and many of them have their turnover in crores. These companies are getting funded by a large group from overseas. The IT companies based in Jaipur have master skills and used advanced technology to reach the desired goal. There is a huge scope for mobile application and website development in Jaipur.

If you’re looking to start your job in Jaipur, then you are inviting the bright future. With the growth of technology, Jaipur is pacing up with the advanced versions of technology and acquiring it at large scale. Such activities by Jaipur based software companies may open new doors of opportunity for developers. Here are some reasons why Jaipur is the best career option to choose from in the software industry.


Jaipur is a hub of jewels, crafts, tourism, silver, old-antiques, colorful variety of cloth materials and much more. These industries need a communication mode to sell their product worldwide. For which, the industries make their website and application to reach a wider range of audience. Not only are these, but its nearest locations famous worldwide: Ajmer and Pushkar as a tourist spot, Bhilwara is also known as the textile hub of Asia, etc.

All of these industries search for better options for their web and app development and the Jaipur based companies make their solutions for the International market. This makes the companies earn respect in the international market which grew the chance of getting overseas clients. Likewise, many of the Jaipur-based software development compete at a global level and maintain their standards of working by acquiring the latest technology. Working with the Jaipur-based companies may give you the chance to learn international standardized technology.

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Less Competitive Approach

Students who completed their graduation from Jaipur colleges and universities look for the job opportunity out of Rajasthan. It is human nature, we always look for change and a higher standard of living. Out of 10, 8 students relocate outside Rajasthan for a job career. The left ones join the IT companies in Jaipur. These remaining students have a wide range of companies and technologies to work on. Since there is an inappropriate number of developers in Jaipur, the companies train the employees at high-standard to maintain their value in the international market. This lessens competition and increases the chance of promotions. As we discussed, there is a shortage of good developers in Jaipur, the companies offer a good amount of packages to its employees. Unlike other MNCs, these companies do not demand high cut-offs or any advanced course or degree. They believe in providing the best training to the candidates.

Chance of Growth is Higher

As discussed in the previous option, most of the students from Jaipur prefer job locations outside Rajasthan. The freshers joining the Jaipur based companies may get higher chances for their career growth. The fresher is given priority in Jaipur and companies concentrate on the learning of their employees. This opens doors for freshers to learn advance and trending which most of the experienced people use. It increases the value of the employee.

Growth is measured with two aspects: Salary and learning. The companies focus on learning of the employee which makes every beginner learn new technology. Implementing these technologies makes the fresher familiar with advanced tools and techniques. The latest trends are always paid well. In a nutshell, if you work with Jaipur based companies, these firms will make you learn new technologies to compete for the global competition. Since you would be knowing the advanced tools, it will provide the choicest hike for future increments.

Less Competitive Environment

These firms of Jaipur believe in quality work. They train all their employees at an extreme level so that they deliver high standard projects. Many Jaipur-based companies have placed their rank on the first page of Google which means they have a perfect strategy to conquer the market. Their highly-skilled approach converts international clients. Now when working on an international level, it requires advanced tools and technology. The firms emphasized learning the latest technology for their employees. With fewer people and a growing environment, you get a good time and resources to develop your skills.

Full Article is Originally Published at The NineHertz Blog on 21st February 2020

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