Reasons Why Kids Need a Structured Environment before Elementary School


Do you know children who are enrolled in early learning programs are better prepared for elementary school and do better than kids who aren’t? A child’s early age is an important time in their lives as it is when they learn how to interact with parents, family members, peers, and teachers. In fact, it’s the time when they begin to develop interests that will stay with them throughout their lives. Early childhood education offered at the early learning Five Dock centres is much more than learning basic skills. Yes, it’s the time when children learn social and emotional skills, and a partnership is formed between child, parents, peers, and teachers. When this is done successfully, it becomes the foundation for a child’s education.

Here are a few reasons why you need to sign up your child in a child care Five Dock before they start kindergarten:-

Structured Setting

Day care Five Dock could be your child’s first involvement in a structured environment and organised routine. This sets the stage for toddlers to be around teachers and group of children. Also, kids tend to learn to share, communicate, follow instructions, play, work under adult supervision, and much more. Child care settings allow children to adjust, explore, and grow throughout their stages of development through encouragement and guidance. These experiences are crucial for children and it foster self-esteem and confidence, which are key elements of grasping knowledge.

Create Trust

Children who go through school for the first time will be under the guidance of adults that aren’t a part of their family. This will the first time they are away from parents for any length of time, and building the trust in teachers outside the family can help enhance the learning experience. As a parent, you’ll also learn to work with your teachers to prepare your child for future education. Having consistency in school and home allows your kid to feel more comfortable and thrive in an educational setting. You and your child can build trust with the school and teachers.

Develop Skills and Interest

During the early learning years throughout day care Five Dock, children will learn essential skills like motor skills, social and school-readiness skills, listening skills, and much more. These skills are learned through various activities, including family-style dinning during meal and snack times, learning through sign language, singing, story reading, talking, and playing. In addition to it, children will develop interests in learning. The more curious your child is, the more they can learn from day-to-day activities.

A high-quality preschool is designed to nurture and encourage pre-schoolers for future academics, emotional, and social success.

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