Reasons Why MMA Is Better Than Boxing

People who are a fan of boxing, wrestling and MMA often debate about whether boxing is better than MMA or is it the other way around. Everyone has different thoughts and they would argue to prove them right as well but we believe that MMA is way better than Boxing and the Ultimate Fighting Championship definitely proves that.

UFC is the biggest organizer of the MMA tournaments. There are some other clubs and organizations as well but today MMA is famous because of UFC which are put in its heart and soul into making the event the most fascinating of all the fighting tournaments.

So today in this article we are going to discuss why MMA is better than boxing. You might disagree but read through our points and we definitely believe that you will come around. So let us look at the reasons that make MMA better than Boxing.

MMA appeals to the fighters and the viewers

If you ask a youngster to watch a boxing match and then a MMA fight then for sure he is going to pick MMA for the next match. The reason behind it is that MMA is way more exciting than boxing. Boxing has limited techniques and rules whereas MMA is quite versatile and vast thus it allows viewers to enjoy a lot more than boxing has to offer. In simple words it appeals more to the viewer.

Less money to watch

Although there are individuals who go to matches to watch their favorite players win whereas there are those individuals as well who just go for the fun of the sport. Well in case of boxing your ticket can get you a fight from 1 to an hour which means if the fight finishes in 1 minute then your money goes to waste whereas on the other hand you can watch a number of MMA matches on UFC and enjoy them all at a much lower cost.

More fighters and fights

If you look at boxing you only have a handful of boxers that compete in the tournament every year whereas on the other hand new fighters come to join the UFC and compete in the MMA matches. You get to enjoy some great fighters competing against one and other and since there are a number of fighters than that means more matches/fights for you to watch as well.

Heavyweight Division

The heavyweight division feature of MMA appeals to the viewers a lot. In boxing champions just compete with one another but there is no point of the fight if a heavyweight boxer is competing with some younger, smaller and less experienced opponent. That would just kill the fun. MMA has a heavyweight division and on those bases most fighters compete with one another.

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