Reasons Why Switch To Microsoft Office Home And Student 2019

Certainly, Microsoft Office is not a new thing to most of us. So you must know that Office 2019 is the latest and greatest version that suits all users.

Office 2019 home student offers classic office applications and email for families and students looking to install them on one mac or Window 10 Pc either for home or school use.

Below are five intriguing ways students enjoy Office 2019:

#1 Take Advantage of New Features

Microsoft Office 2019 aims at improving your general computing experiences, offering more satisfaction compared to Office 2016. However, if you are using Office 2016 or any older version of Microsoft Office suite, you are missing out on the many feature and capabilities that are available in office 2019 for Office 365 subscribers.

As a student, you can get your hands on office home business 2019 mac to have access to the most powerful office application right on your fingertips. Moreover, Office 2019 Home and student comes with Word, PowerPoint and Excel.


#2 get your work done faster

To help you work faster, with Microsoft Office you can get rude of all destructions using the new focus Mode. Moreover, you have access to Translator pane, which is essential for people dealing with multiple languages. In order to translate words of the phrase, all you have to do is select them, right-click the selection and choose to Translate from the menu that shows up—a very simple process.


#3 Analyze Creatively

Excel now offers slew and innovative tools that help students generate reports data models as well as dealing with sophisticated analyses. The new excel feature mainly aims at data analysis, which includes funnel charts and 2D maps, not forgetting functions and connectors. Users also have the ability to publish from Excel to Powerbase doing enhancement to PowerPoint and Power Query.


#4 Enjoy in Enhanced Inking

The inking features in Office 2019 have a great improvement.  Users can now write or draw directly on a PowerPoint side or even in a Word document when using the pen of choice and ink colour. Moreover, users can use their pen to crop images, move the object around, erase what has been drawn and even highlight texts.

#5 Always Access Easily

When you order Office 2019 home student, you are given access to all its features right on your computer, and this goes for as long as you wish. This means you will not have to sign in online to access your software or get worried on losing access when your subscription expires. When you have Office 2019, all you have to do is set it and forget.

#6 Ink with Ease

The early version of digital pens raised many concerns. But you will be pleased to know that all these concerns are all in the past. Over the years, Microsoft has worked on a new way to use these pen-like peripherals. Now in office 2019, the inking feature has become even more advanced.

Using the roaming pencil case, you can turn your screen into a canvas that makes working with Office very similar to using a normal pen. With this feature, you can write draw directly on PowerPoint slide or in a word document while using your pen of choice and ink colour. The pen can also be used to crop images, move objects,and erase what you have drawn and divide highlight text. The pressure sensitivity feature and tilt effects come with more amusing functionalities all across office Suite.

#7 avoid the cloud

A number of students may not view this as a selling ping, but subscription-based serviced like Office 365 come with numerous upsides. However, others will prefer owning the software as a better option.

Finally, Office 2019 home student  service as the best choice for students ready to take a leap into the cloud. This is the first perpetual Office Microsoft that has been released since 2016. This also means that once you order Office 2019, you have permanent access to PowerPoint,Excel, Word and many more right from your computer for a long time. Moreover, you will not need to sign in online to access your software or worry about losing access once your subscription expires. If you are equipped with Office 2019, the software is yours for life.

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